(N)Everrrrr Banega


I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge like this :sunglasses: , @JakeyBoy knows…


Fuck me this has taken a turn.

Live on OATV, the challenge of (a)'R’s(e)

How appropriate.


I am so fucking hyped now


A percentage of the profits should be donated to OA for providing a platform with highly entertaining material.


He is :stuck_out_tongue:


A tool, not a unit. :slight_smile:


Cunt, I’d already booked my holiday to Albacete due to your promise of girls to fuck per square meter and now you’re admitting you exaggerated for effect. I no longer have any trust in your comments regarding Spanish 'R’s


Send him your travel expenses. Should be the least he can do for scamming all sex tourists on OA.


Don’t worry, you’ll be fine bruh, as long as you stay away from the town church the girls are about as catholic as David Bowie, just a shame you’re not from Bulgaria or Romania or you’d be pronouncing your r’s like a native from the first fuck on.

Come to think of it, @Gladiator, be a nice chap and try and share with him your special power before he goes!


Is this rolling r thing the Spanish version of Yanks (also Germans?) not being able to pronounce ‘Squirrel’? Skwerl.


I’m gonna take a guess and say @shamrockgooner is responsible for the thread title :laughing:


The r’s were me. Not sure about the n :slight_smile:


I do :henry2:


Good. Don’t really want him.


Funny story that no one will care about. I can only roll my RR’s when I yell.



Got him to admit he was wrong and retract a statement confirming he was lying. Anyone on here got him to do that yet…:giroud3:

(And for the record @AbouCuellar - the statement I made was humour to flesh out my suggestion about hitting a Dutch girl not a statement of fact…!)

If you want though in the spirit of co-operation - I could help you remedy the bad advice you gave on here and easily find the couple of meters squared in Europe where you could get fucked the easiest with your help!!

All I would need you to do is answer a question for me - will you help???


Ok im convinced now. Sell Ramsey to Everton for 50 m and get this guy in. We gonna win the prem !


This is the thing with him. Always has been. Today he played like prime Xavi. The next match he probably gonna be a ghost or Josh McEachran.


Just for one good pass? Relax mate.


Dont tell me to relax calzone :kroenke: