Moussa Diaby

£100m for a guy that 90% of us haven’t ever heard his name until today. Yup, the market is royaly fucked.

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soon you are gonna need £75m to buy prospects and scrubs and £150m for mediocre talent.

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no one comes cheap nowadays… everyone is 100m or close to

didn’t we say the same on Mudryk?

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Will Leverkusen be able to resist a big bid?

Sky Sports News reporter Dharmesh Sheth:

“Bringing Mykhailo Mudryk back into this, I wonder what that deal has done to the market because now Leverkusem, with an interested party, will say that they rate Diaby really highly.

"They’ve seen Mudryk go for £88.5m. So, this is what they may say they value Diaby at.

"As far as Leverkusen’s season has gone, it has not gone to plan. They were in the Champions league and finished third in the group and are now in the Europa League. They are currently 12th in the Bundesliga, nine points off the top four.

“I wonder if Arsenal formalise this interest and go with a big bid, whether Levekusen will be able to resist or not.

Who the fuck is saying this boke is 100m ? Are people just pulling numbers out of their stinky arses?

No, everybody is copying Chelsea.

Well £20m of the Mudryk fee was for the fucking war effort in Ukraine.

I mean I’ve heard of English player tax, but a fucking war tax is a new concept to me.

When we sell Saliba to Madrid in 3 years for £125m, we can bump it by a further £25m and call it a save the dolphins tax, wankers


We thought the same for Mudryk when they said back in december he’ll cost 100m…

Comparing their careers so far this guy should cost more than Mudryk. It all depends in the end how much is someone willing to pay.

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Stats say yes

I’ll give you the eye test later ;).

Need another selection which is “possibly, but i haven’t a fucking clue”

Initial talks being released is no good, Chelsea will be onto it now and ready to blow us out of the water.

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I think people need to calm down on this. Chelsea cannot in fact, sign everyone :joy:


Currently so far this new ownership is

8 wins
13 signings

So not doing a bad job of signing everyone


Right, but still, they cannot sign every player we’re interested in :joy:

We’re interested in….or we say we’re interested in? :grinning:

Ah, no never happened. This would be a first if it comes through. And they ever played in a game together.

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However, they are also hoping to raise money from sales so the prospect of them having to cash in on one of their more valuable assets if they are unable to offload some of their unwanted players cannot be entirely ruled out with two weeks of the window remaining, MailOnline understands.

Honestly, based on what has been reported so far, it sounds like Leverkusen is actually interested in selling him, not the other way around.
Wouldn’t be surprised if they have written off the season already after their poor start. Not much point holding onto Diaby now. Probably a prime time to sell him with the winger market being crazy along with the January tax that will be added.

Not blown away by the clips I’ve seen but he is a good player. £50m-£70m range. He would certainly add depth to our squad and wouldn’t look out of place if he started for us every other game.

Florian Wirtz might be worth a look. I know he’s suffered a serious injury but is on the mend.

Is this player any good?