Moussa Diaby

Based exclusively off the fact I’ve signed him multiple times on FIFA and Football Manager I approve this deal.

I’d be much happier with us spending Mudryk money on him than Mudryk :grinning:

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Leverkusen do not want to sell mid-season

A delightful transfer rumour for the middle of the January window.


I bet Leverkusen would like 100m though :grinning:

Even if they wanted to sell mid-season they’d say they don’t want to sell

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You won’t want the volume on for this :joy:

I’ve never been convinced by him. Feels like another Pepe.

Unless he can play on both wings, I think it’s a lot of money to pay for someone who will mostly sit on the bench.

Because I’m playing Saka over this guy.

Fits the profile Arteta is after…

Could be just fabrication though, because literally everyone in the world football now knows we’re after a pacy young winger.

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Raise your hand(you can’t, so vote), and be honest:

Have you ever seen a match that involved Moussa Diaby?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I’ll say yes, but honestly no

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Absolutely no. Nope, never.

And it will NEVER stop me from having judgements about his ability. Never.

We need this guy.


I have and I have no fucking clue what to expect.
I mean, he’s fast, he’s French, been in and around the NT, nothing else beyond that.

My main hope if this isn’t just agent driven and we move in for him is that he now plays under Mikel’s bestie Xabi Alonso so he should be able to provide Mikel all the info he needs to make the call.

What’s bothering me about all this nonsensical valuations, is what would Saka and Martinelli be thinking when they see what’s thrown around for lesser talents than them, we need to lock them up ASAP.

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I have seen him play as well, but the big question is how he would adapt to the PL. As you said yesterday the Bundesliga is a very different league and there have been lots of players who have flattered to deceive in the past.

I think he has all the pace, dribbling ability and skill you would expect from a winger, and seems to have a good scoring record too. I think attempting to sign him mid-season is going to be difficult though.

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Used his standard gold card on FUT23 for a long time, absolute baller.

I approve.

A Diaby and a Vieira in the same Arsenal team…again. :grinning:

But not for the 100m that Leverkusen want.

€100m on Mudryk was a huge risk that might pay off but now we’ve seen how fickle he is, it’s got all the ingredients of a big disappointment.

€100m on Diaby is an investment. He’d suit us down to the ground with superb close control and explosive speed, he frightens full-backs for a living and means we can finally rotate Saka and Martinelli because Diaby plays on both wings. Age (24) is perfect for the project.

Has got 93 pace on FIFA. Sign him.


Are Chelsea in for him? If not I’m not interested.


Not at the moment, wait for us to bid first.