Mohammed Kudus

Could be a late August move, depending on out outgoings. He’s definitely a versatile player so I understand why he’s high on our list. Can cover multiple positions, including the RW back-up for Saka.

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Great option! Just posted in the transfer 23/24 thread, that we’ll definitely be in for an RW especially two of Balogun/Eddie/Partey leaves…

Don’t know much about him, but I’m all over this move.

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How did you post it 3 minutes ago when the tweet came in 2 minutes ago? :exploding_head:

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@Bl1nk has skills man!


Pretty positive I’ve accused @Bl1nk of being a time traveller before. Something doesn’t add up. :pires2:


Makes sense for Chelsea with Mount, Havertz and Felix missing from last seasons squad.

He should do a Timber and wait for Arsenal. Don’t want to see Kudus in a Chelsea shirt.

We honestly need to be a bit more realistic. We saw it with Caicedo, we saw it with Felix and others before.

Most players have to decide with what’s in front of them. They ain’t gonna wait because there is a chance Arsenal may come in later in the window. There is also a good chance they won’t and they end up missing on another opportunity.

Don’t think we need him tbh, not a bad deal for Chelsea assuming they find a way to throw ziyech in.

I don’t think it is unrealistic. Timber stayed with Ajax for a further season and Caicedo didn’t get his move in January. We are still looking to strengthen and Kudus could tick a lot of boxes for us still.

Hoping that Brighton keep to their asking price, so Caicedo stays for another year. We can then buy him next season as a replacement for Partey.

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More than Raya, I need a Saka backup/competition; so Kudus link is highly appreciated.


Raya and Kudus could bring on a seizure. That is real squad depth. I can handle Trossard and Havertz as cf back up.

Icing on the cake, the lad wants to play for a proper big club. We’re close to winning the transfer window, now it’s time to win trophies too.

Just worry we can’t sign him before selling player(s). But maybe that’s not true.

His value on Transfermarkt is €40m - reasonable?

I do want 1 more attacker, specifically somebody who can compete with Saka.

Kudus looks like a high IQ footballer. Strong on the ball too. He has that back to goal, Jesus-esque turn in him. Really great skill that fucks the defensive shape up when you can spin away from a defender at your back.