Mohamed Elneny (25)

We get what we paid, that’s it.
5m, 10m, whatever… just an average player. Average as fuck and nothing special.
If you really want to find his specialty… how about… sideway passing. High percentage passing, that’s what Arteta wants.

Simply a squad player for any “big” club and the 3rd or 4th choice at most.
Don’t even think it was a bargain deal. He is just “another” player and you can find this type of players everywhere. A rotation.

Very lucky that awful turnover in the first half didn’t cost us a goal, shocking position to give away the ball in.

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And this is what we should be aiming for. A starting XI of good lads.

It’s winning, I tell ya.


Lol, this reminds me of a manager (can’t remember who it was, I think it was in Europe) that considered being religious a requirement for the players they brought in. :rofl:

Didn’t Domenech not select certain players for France because of their star sign?

I think you’re right, that was him.

And Glenn Hoddle didn’t select players based on what a faith healer or Crystal healer told him about the players haha

All of this sounds better than whatever criteria Arteta uses.

Graphics card and RAM specs.


Allahu akbar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Rumour that Fenerbahce was also interested in Elneny this window…I’d sell without hesitation, espectially if we could then go and secure Bissouma.

Wouldn’t do it now, we need him for the remainder of the season.
Wouldn’t be against it in the summer. Although, if I were to choose to sell one between Xhaka and Elneny I would definitely go with Xhaka as he would command a larger fee.

You’re probably right…I would sell them both in the summer though. Elneny and Xhaka for Aouar and Bissouma.

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This guy of more pointless than a limp dick. Cost the game today. Should be the first one out of the door, but keeps getting played for some reason.


Headless chicken.


He offers nothing going forward or in terms of ball progression so if he’s not going to at least be tidy with the ball in our own third then what is the point?

There’s nothing outside of Partey to build on our midfield options.
We see today we have no depth and about 6 players to build a team/squad on.

These are the guys Arteta wants tho. Wanted Elneny to stay and refuses to sell Xhaka so…


Fair and what he ultimately gets judged on.

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Greatest nothing player we’ve ever had. Remarkable he’s still here