Mohamed Elneny (25)

Beat me to it


Starts at every club in the world right now. :eyes:
The streets ain’t ready.

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‘InshAllah we’re going to build a team to be strong and win the league’ - Elneny.

Translation: Elneny is outpraying Mo Salah for us to win the league.

Allahteta Knows Best

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Allahteta :joy:

Stop before OA gets attacked by ISIS

There are only two central midfield positions at the moment and it’s debatable if any of the current midfielders at the club are good enough to start in a team good enough to finish 4th.
Ceballos probably is, but even then he’s still just on loan.

Xhaka, Ceballos, Elneny, Torreira, Guendouzi and possibly Willock and AMN, these options are not good enough.

Elneny will play too much, even with one midfield signing. I want to see two signings. One proven midfielder, and then a cheap gamble.

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I guess your standards are higher than mine then. I think you can make top four with Xhaka and Elneny as 3rd and 4th choice. We almost made it twice with Xhaka as a starter.

You “can” because the top 4 isn’t that special atm… only City and Pool are top class… Chelsea seem to be headed in proper direction… ManU maybe as well. Spurs are nothing special and fading force imho. It would be tragic to get worse than 6th atm, but I also can’t really see us getting better than 4th simply b/c I think one of Chelsea or ManU will be good enough and gather too many points.

Basically AFC are looking at fighting for between 4th and 7th… obviously outlier events happen so you never know, but we have the best striker in the league, a massively improving defense, and a manager who seems to know how to get this team functioning reasonably well, even if we are largely hard to watch most of the time (hopefully that changes with the additions this year).

The issue is looking at where we are weakest and where we have the most room for improvement, which is DM/DLP/CM/CAM (or just CM)… You get us two top players there and if things go right, we could be on our way to a team that actually competes for serious prizes.

I was talking about 16/17 and 18/19. To be clear I talk about Xhaka and Elneny on the bench. I don’t believe you can’t finish 4th and/or win the Europa League with Ceballos and someone else. The League or Champions League is a whole other story for that we need a lot more, not just centre midfielders.

Yeah you just have to give yourself the chance in those tournaments and in the league hope you can put together a special season. It is really hard right now with Pool and City both threatening 100 points these days - that is historically unusual though.

Since we made so many bad investments, I’d agree with you that we need a few more years of improvement before we can seriously discuss League or CL. Willian seems to be an astute signing… if Pepe comes good, that will be huge… if these young defenders turn out to be great, we have a nice little squad building.

He’s one of those player’s like Ozil and Guendouzi maybe the likes of Mustafi and Cedric that can still do a job in the Cups and Europa League group stage for Arsenal along with some youngsters thrown in. And by the season’s end is moved on to another club.

I don’t want to see him play many PL games this season, listen he’s done well since he’s come back in two games but he’s not the answer to our problems there. But I wouldn’t be overly upset with him playing another season here as a squad player.