Miscellaneous Culture Wars Bullshit

Couldn’t quite work out where to post this, so figured a “General News” style thread for Culture Wars nonsense might serve a purpose.

Anyway, here’s some rightwing brainrot

Austen literally IS still published these days you prat

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@JakeyBoy I’m a little hurt you started this thread and didn’t bother to tag me , @mhappy and @ryaninho :santi:

They’ll be claiming George Orwell as one of theirs next. :man_shrugging:t3:

Actually I think she meant if it was written today, due to the ideas of stereotypes, misogyny etc.

My mum, sister and wife are all Austen loving feminazis :man_shrugging:

Besides, her work reflected the times and provided commentary on it, so if she wrote them today they’d be entirely different works, reflective of modern culture and values, rather than those of the nineteenth century.

Since I have a foot in the video games world I was amused to see a woke attempt at boycotting the new Harry Potter game looks to be failing miserably.

I’m not much of a fan of the franchise, but I don’t agree with Rowling being treated like some kind of leper (:grinning:) for her views.


give us some funny receipts Leper.

Like below

Yuck, what a horrible embed…fucking Musk


Looking forward to the day when we have an alien invasion or a massive meteor strike, I bet the dinosaurs never had to put up with this shit


I’ll happily buy the game and read the books again, all thanks to those wonderful people

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I mean, I’m not sure what you expect me to add to that :joy:

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Well I thought I was just buying a game with a bit of nostalgia factor after all these years.

Little did I know I was supporting a good cause.




Supporting the new game is actively supporting transphobic views and actions of a very powerful and influential TERF.

What an idiot.
There was a black actress recently, who promoting a film she was in, who said, if you don’t come and watch this film, you don’t support BLM.
How far are these people going to go with their warped and self entitled views?


Harry Potter is a weird one. A lot of people my age went through adolescence when the books came out so our ages roughly tracked with the characters. And it was total wish fulfillment. What if you weren’t a weird lonely kid on the verge of puberty but actually part of a special group of people with magic powers and rich and have cool friends and find out not only do you have magic powers, you’re actually Magic Society Jesus so you’re really special. Even though I was never a super fan of the books, I still read them and enjoyed them.

But I think the books have undergone this revisionism (or maybe it was always there, idk, I was a senior in high school I think when the last book released) to the point where you see snarky tik toks saying it’s a red flag if a person says they like the books or that Harry Potter the character is a privileged asshole who grows up to be a cop.

Some of it has to do with the author who has awful political views imo on trans rights. Some of it has to do with things that were always there I think like naming an Asian character “Cho Chang” but wouldn’t have stood out to me as a 15 year old living in an area with no Asian kids. Or how the author keeps retconning shit that wasn’t present in the books at all. And the new movies have been horrendous.

I do hope my kids will read the books because I love fantasy nerd shit but idk that boycotting the video game hurts her bottom line or would do anything beyond fueling her weird online martyrdom.

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I honestly think Rowling is deranged. Just like Linehan and others.

But organising and promoting a boycott of a game she had virtually nothing to do with is also deranged.


Yeah and it’s weird hill to die on. Trans folks are a minuscule portion of the population. Idk why she feels the need to be an asshole about it.


She does constantly look for unprovoked twitter war.

She is a billionaire and she easily could have kept quiet about all this for sure.

But I can’t personally blame her if she has concerns about convicted rapists being remanded to women’s prisons on basis of new legislation on her home country.

Tbh staying quiet would have been the easier thing for her personally.


If people were constantly calling me a transphobe (or any kind of -ism or -phobe), I’d fight back too.

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She’s so brave. A true profile in courage.

I think she’s done what a lot of people stupidly do when in an online argument, repeatedly doubled down to the point where she makes herself look silly. I don’t think on the spectrum of opinion that exists on these topics that the original comments that made her a target for cancellers were that out there. You see a lot worse expressed on Twitter and other public spaces.