Mesut Özil

thought he was doing that half way through his stint with us :henry2:

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Professional gamer.



Didnt we have an ozil fanatic on this forum at some point ? lel how is he doing these days


He was always a professional gamer and secondly professional footballer.

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About time he just hang his boots

Yep, that tweet could be from 2017 for all I care


Picture definitely is, no way he’s still fucking with a gold PS4 controller in 2022

What a fucking clown lol embarrassingözil_indicating/

@immsun it was definitely Arsenal that was the problem yeah? Not looking so good for your boys precious image lol where have you been btw??


Honestly I really don’t understand how people can’t see that most of the players who have been exiled from our club have been exiled due to being absolute knob heads ruining the atmosphere for everyone.

People want to be wilfully ignorant or attack the club for everything but the writing has always been on the wall with these things, and I’m not just talking about Ozil.

Though talking about Ozil, saddens me to think he was once my favourite player in world football. Great player, garbage person.


The worst closing chapter to what was a pretty good career.

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Bias aside I wish we’d have signed Eriksen in 2013 instead.

He always left it all on the pitch and none of this “ooh I don’t fancy playing Sunderland away so I’m gonna pull a sickie, pls protect me Daddy Wenger”.

Died on the pitch during a game, went through rehab and came back to save the poorest team in the league from relegation. Ozil has just ridden out his contract at his last clubs while being a total cancer to them both, and managed to piss off his national team and get the boot from there.

Not to mention cozying up with Erdogan etc.

Fuck, he’s got to be one of my most disliked arsenal players ever.


tbf to Ozil most of his games it was like he died on the pitch


Nice to see you again, Luke

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I didn’t even realize you had a reason to be biased until I read this.

How much of this was Arsene treating him like a prince and how much was it him taking advantage of that? Or maybe it was Arsene who didn’t fancy him in those types of games. But yes, I don’t think any team in the world can afford someone with that attitude anymore.

Not too sure about this but he is certainly the player who divides opinions the most.

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One of those players who, if they’d got their head in the right place, could’ve become a legend of the game. The guy’s career took quite a slow and steady dive over the last few years.

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He’s just a dick head and after his new deal he was woeful while putting his head into video games.