Mesut Özil

Missed him again today coz we lack creativity ofcourse but well ah…

Forget the touches n creative plays, his off the ball movement alone will create more chances than we create now.

I really really want to stop the urge of saying this but

“Footballing reasons”

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Imagine how many goals we wouldn’t have scored in the last 5 games if we had Özil.

Correct choice not to have him registered in our 25.


I’m assuming at least one ffs lmaoo :joy::joy:

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Freddie has more football sense (or say, common sense) and footballing reason IMO;

Bring Freddie back if not Wenger.

Hang on you’ve spent half the season saying Arteta shouldn’t have got the job with having no experience. Now your saying get Freddie in on even less coaching experience.
It smacks of everything being about Ozil then now.

It always has been :eyes:

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Strangely Freddie took Ozil out of the team as well. :thinking:


Wasn’t there hints it was over disciplinary or attitude issues. Can’t fully remember tbf. Thought there was something though.

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I think it was a chain of reactions by Ozil.
I remember once he was shouting at Mert after a game because we were looking for a goal and Freddie took Laca off.
In another game Ozil was subbed off and his reaction wasn’t that great, I think he took off his gloves and kicked them in the air too. The post-match interviewer noted that to Freddie and he said he’ll take care of it and that was the last of Ozil till Arteta arrived.

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My fucking manager :wenger2:

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That’s why he was demoted and was watching the games from the stands…

No experience is one thing.
Actually doing it is another.

Not as bad as, not even registered right now.

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Okay is Arteta experienced enough. If not you couldn’t possibly suggest that Freddie should get the job could you?

Of course I did not want Freddie nor Wenger back… just a comparison.
If I had to choose among 3, I would put them ahead of Arteta, at least right now.
How shit it could be if the inexperienced interim manager made/said something more sense than a genius.

So you’d have Freddie over Arteta. Think You also said you’d have Wilshire back too. To think people call Arteta hipster. :grin: Got nothing on the fanbase. 0

I don’t want any ex-Arsenal men at the club now.

It worked with Georgie Graham because he loved the club, defeats hurt and, more importantly, he could tap into a lower division market that he knew. Combine that to the colossus that was Adams, and we had a winning formula.

Freddie > Arteta, but I don’t want either here.

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Don’t want any either. Over the years ive seen the suggestion of Bergkamp DoF, Pires, Freddie coaching, Jens goalkeeper coach, Adams, Keown defence coach even a shout for Henry at manager at one time.
Just move on and stop this retro thinking. Have too move on and stop living in a Highbury bubble.


We just need a manager now. A proper manager.

Allegri who can deal with personalities (Pogba at Juve), Ancelotti who can attract big names (e.g. James) heck, I’d even take Ranieri (at least he can say he’s won the league with lesser resources)

Tbh I’ve backed the Emery and Arteta appointments but ever since it was announced in April 2018 that Wenger was leaving Allegri was one of my first choices

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