MDC or Matchday Threads?

Matchday Chat has been an awesome OA feature for several years now, but we’ve found noticed it’s been rather inactive for a while now. One of the reasons causing the inactivity is the software being quite crappy, especially on mobile devices. We don’t like having to log in seperately to use a chat function, either.

Discourse is awesome on mobile, and posting is done with such little effort, that we’ve decided it may be good to leave MDC and use Match Day Threads more actively, during games. Last night was a good example of how interactive the threads can be. Added the fact that it’s awesome reading back the emotional reactions in the heat of the moment, good or bad.

We feel using Matchday Threads and leaving MDC would be a step in the right direction. But before we make the decision we thought it’s good to ask the community :).

Matchday Threads or MDC?

  • Matchday Threads
  • MDC
  • Not too bothered, whatever you guys decide is best for OA

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Wrote the post in a bit of haste, so sorry if some sentences are sloppy

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Yeah threads all the way. I have never been into MDC.


Said in the private section of the forum, but I’ve always much preferred match day threads. Just a better experience on every level imo.

Threads are a lot better IMO.

Unless I’m missing something there’s little need to take the discussion off the forum, seems a lot more fluid and user friendly to have the discussion right here.

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Match threads all the way. MDC is awful on this.

Much easier to follow the thread on mobiles as well

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An idea could be to have an in game Match thread opened for the 90 minutes and then have the usual thread used only for pre and post game chat.



Matchday threads!! I’ve been saying/asking why we don’t use threads in stead of MDC since I’ve been part of this forum.

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Threads for me too. Probably can’t be sharing streams in threads though. Just so yis know.


We can have a private messages group with everyone interested in streams

Thread all the way. don’t think I have used chat since we moved to the new site

Thread please! MDC is a bit laggy. Better “quality” of posts in a thread aswell. No offence to anyone :wink::grin:

Thread so we can slaughter those knee jerk reactions - everyone seems to become TROOPZ from AFTV when shit goes wrong :rofl:

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Could there not be both and we use whichever one takes our fancy? :grimacing:

id only go with threads if post count was disabled in it somehow :joy:

Why lol. Whole point of a forum is to post no?

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Here’s thing, the threads probably serve the purpose of chatting about the match, however you get a complete different vibe in the MDC. People seem a lot more cordial talking real time, a lot less combative and the experience is a little more personal. So for me I prefer MDC.


yeah tbh i like the random extra chats that occur in mdc and i think that may be lost if we go with matchday threads


It’s not really MDC tho is it? MDC died when we moved forums imo. Just not the same and it’s annoying as fuck on mobile

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I like threads. You can even see who is in the thread currently replying which is cool.

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I enjoy writing in the match thread so i go for it.