Mathieu Debuchy


Yeah your being a bit harsh there sham IMO. Looked good and was getting involved in attacking down the wing aswell


Dont see how I’m being harsh. haven’t criticised him in the slightest.


Yeah I was pleasantly surprised. He made some nice runs and good passes. He actually looked to have a bit of acceleration about him.


That’s what looking like you give a fuck does for you lol.


disgusted to see him on the pitch . great to see him leave it .


His attitude since joining the club has been piss poor but he still looked better in 15 mins yesterday than Jenkinson has all season.


Says a lot about my boy Jenkinson when Gabriel also looks a better option as well :sweat:


Jenkinson was playing against PSG and United.
Debuchy & Gabriel against Bournemouth.


Regardless, Bournemouth were still pressing us constantly throughout. I think the game dipped for a bit after Debuchy went off.


So Wenger said it’s a bad one. He has been fucking unlucky with his injuries. It’s a shame because he always looked reliable.


When we bought him I questioned the deal , we paid 10 million for him he was closer to 29 than 28 but we gave him a bumper 5 year contract at 70 k a week !
Older players get injured thats a sad fact of life ,at Arsenal they get injured and stay injured !
Debuchy was great when he arrived but he got injured and could not get his form or his place back.
These things happen but rather than knuckle down and take your chances when u get them
he then began to sulk and criticise the Manager claiming he was lied to and when he did play he sucked badly .
Then he forced an exit so he could try and get his place on the national team back,Im sorry we should never have allowed this BS !
I hate the man and never want to see him in outr shirt again !


I agree.
He is a decent enough player but such a long contract and such high wages is way too much.
It’s not as if we were bidding against Man City or Barcelona.


All this when we could have just given Bacari Sagna a bigger paycheck which he deserved !


Sagna was also a half decent option as CB in a pinch as well… more and more that whole thing looks like a bad move… did he get massive wages at City?


Wenger said Arsenal offered Sagna bigger paycheck.
He just wanted bigger chances of winning trophies like other players.

Shame that he had to leave because fans will forget what a great consistent player he was.


If anyone doesn’t get massive wages at City they should fire their agent haha.


I always thought the issue was Sagna was the length he wanted on his contract?


Sagna had two leg break in a year and Arsenal took a cautious approach when giving him his last Arsenal contract, which might have also been a factor.

@ljungbergkamp and yes he would have been an excellent option as a CB.


Fuck Sagna without him leaving Bellerin wouldn’t have happened.


Maybe… I think with Sagna’s versatility and his age/injury record, Bellerin still gets his time to solidify the spot, even if it took a tad longer. Debush wasn’t a great signing any way you slice it really.