Mathieu Debuchy


Interestingly, Maitland-Niles wasn’t in the squad for that u23’s game, he’s with the first team again.

Definitely my pick for RB tomorrow.


I would rather field Jimmy Saville at right back than Debuchy ,Maitland Niles is fine for me !


I’d definitely go with Maitland niles over Jenkinson


Worth noting Rob Holding has played RB for Bolton.

Not sure I want that to happen tomorrow but we certainly have options.


The goal:

Not bad tbf!


Nice one! Did we beat them in the end though? :wilshere: :bellerin:


2.0 i believe.


From the Ozil school of bounce shots.


Which is nice !


Willock <3


United were willing to offer him a five year deal :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Prepare for it. He’s back in training and Wenger wants to give him another chance.


If he’s actually committed etc he’s a better footballer than Jenkinson as a back up option to Bellerin.


Do you remember the games played at White Hart Lane and in Zagreb last season? He was a solid RB but the injuries ruined him.


Injuries took him our of the team, he’s basically never played since so we’ve no idea whether hes ruined or not. His attitude did more damage than the injuries in terms of “ruining” him I’d say.


Yeah he was disgusting but Im just unsure if it was due to the fact he was disinterested as he wanted out or the Injuries itself, hard to tell from such a small sample size.


Disappointing that he got injured as he showed more quality in 14 mins than Jenkinson did in 4 games.


Thats bullshit. He did nothing of note, nothing wrong.


He was playing very well sucks for him.

Seems like it just wasn’t meant to be.


I thought he looked pretty good for fifteen minutes if I’m honest. Confident and sure in himself.