Match Of The Day

Also, it’s a U2 song and therefore can’t be the best anything.


I just said I don’t see the need for it. Doesn’t mean I’m against fans being able to see highlights.

Hopefully in future the online format could include something like that if Sky or someone obtained the necessary rights to do so.

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But taking it online still takes it away from people who don’t use the internet. Which, is still a surprisingly high number of people.

Again, I said I didn’t see the need for it. I didn’t say “hunt these tv watchers down and purge their shows”

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I know MoTD has a long history in England but I think a show like that is actually really good for audiences in the USA who are looking to get into soccer. Some games just aren’t worth watching in their entirety.


I didn’t even know MOTD was broadcast in America. Surely there’s better ways of consuming highlights there.

You’re not saying that little island just off of Shetland still hasn’t got internet yet?
How are Jock McSporran the shepherd and his wife going to order their supplies? :grinning:

It’s not about not having it. It’s about not using it. Lots of elderly people are stuck in their ways. As you will discover if you hang around self checkout tills for long enough :sweat_smile:

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No, it’s not broadcast because NBC has its own version which is called GoalZone.

Were they trying to win a competition for the most American name for anything ever?


I always assumed it was a riff on Red Zone which is a channel dedicated to showing American football highlights.

Do you constantly have to make sure your subconscious isn’t accidentally assimilated into this vortex of loud crassness you live amongst?

What do they do with games that finish 0-0?

When Ronald Reagan was a sports commentator he relied on a wire feed to tell him what was going on in games he was “commentating” on and he just had to make it up if the feed went down.

I assume the GoalZone people do something similar and pretend there was “overtime”

Is Lineker back tonight? Hope they still show all the goals.


Even though I watched the game live.

Its still good to rewatch it with some added analysis and talking to players and manager on my tv

What do you guys talk about?

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They don’t talk back to me castiel :disappointed:

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