Match Of The Day


I guess he’s actually gonna do it? Ha.


As if we need any more reasons not to watch this.


Big ears can kiss my ass and I would slap him and take his walkers too


So yeah…Gary’s presenting in his shorts :sweat_smile:



Fucking hell, City were insanely good today.


Early days, but it has to be said, it’s hard to see how anyone can beat City to the title this season. They won’t make the some mistakes they made last season.


Seems like it. I’ll say, though, I really don’t get the Eddie Howe hype, didn’t find they made things hard for us at all last season in the two games we played them, definitely doesn’t seem like they posed much problems for City either.

That 4th goal though…De Bruyne :open_mouth:


A decent read by Tom Payne. I don’t get the hype either tbh, seems like it’s just because he’s competent and English but a lot of analysts & writers rate him.


United Vs Leicester and City Vs fucking Swansea on before us vs Chelsea tonight. Nice reminder of why I try to avoid MOTD.


With Leicester being reigning champions I kind of got that coming first. But Swansea vs City being before our game was ridiculous


Yeah same, I could kind of get why Leicester getting pasted might be given parity with our game. No excuse for Swansea and City, it actually makes the idea of a bias against us a credible suggestion.


Liverpool fans have a right to be aggrieved too. I would much prefer their game been shown before the Manc clubs but I guess that is where the story and spotlight is :xhaka:


Their game was a home match against Hull though. Entertaining as it was, it pretty much went to script.


I think it would be fair to say the big match on MOTD next week will be Man City v spurs.
Come on you blues.


Is this fucker Danny Murphy for real? Criticising Swansea’s lack of yellow cards against United today :joy: , said that if he were in the Swansea dressing room at half-time he’d have made sure that they at least picked up a few because you can’t let your opponents take the mickey out of you and if it’s putting in some hard tackles then that’s okay. Cause of course, running around and putting in cunty tackles is the way to make your opponents respect you as a team/footballer…

Talk about british mentality at it’s worst.


Mata’s goal against us is one of the November goal of the month candidates. I don’t want to sound bitter but it really wasn’t anything special imo. Standard cutback and a nice, neat finish from Mata. But it’s not a goal that lives long in the memory for me


It’s not like his goal mata’d much in the end either :henry2:


Got them Juan point though.


Yea it was Juan-estly nothing special.