Match Of The Day


Typical Mata of the day bias that.


Haven’t watched this since we beat Chelsea, this programme has so had its day. Now you can get highlights from just about anywhere there’s no reason to entertain the bollocks this show puts out.


Is it me or does Shearer seem to be turning into Hansen?
All he does is state the obvious, or criticise players after watching them in ultra slow motion.
I don’t mind Murphy, Keown and even Jenas, but Shearer is getting paid a fortune to sit next to Lineker and describe something we have just watched.

How Hansen and Lawrenson got away with going on about how players were harder in their day, and then slagging off Wenger almost every week, was unbelievable.
Now it seems Shearer is doing the same.


If you’re watching MOTD for anything but the highlights you’re doing it wrong.


Did he shit in his y-fronts?


Foolish stuff from Ian Wright tonight re Ox.

He himself watches us, and knows why he may not be selected by Wenger (i.e. he has been poor for some time until maybe recently.)

But asks why Wenger doesn’t give him a chance and play him.

Well, 1 - he should know why
2 - it isn’t true. Wenger has given him plenty of chances, as he has been played a lot when fit.
3 - This was pointed out to him that he has been played recently, but he still maintained it.

God, government cuts really are killing the BBC if this kind of analysis on MOTD is representative of modern day BBC.


I love Wrighty but he has always had a real propensity to talk absolute shite.


I actually found it more shambolic that they didn’t mention a single thing regards to that uber cunt Charlie Adam and that footstamp on Alexis.

Sky picked up on it, in their Match program and also showed a past example he did on Giroud in 2014.

Yet on MOTD, you wouldn’t have even know anything happened :xhaka:


Just watched our segment. Christ Wrighty chats a load of shit.

And good God I hate Danny Murphy. He literally can’t hide his disdain for us.


Giroud’s scorpion kick is in the MOTD goal of the season running… Vote if you feel like it. :giroud:


I’m sure Alan Shearer is gonna love xG :grin:


Is there MOTD tomorrow?


Nope as we are the only game


Theo can actually come top of something at last! :slight_smile:



xG…Pfft. :laca:


Despite the analysis being quite poor at times, you still can’t beat this show on a Saturday night!


record it and just skip through the talking like I do


Same old MoTD. Will analyse why our opponents were awesome/crap, and that’s about it.


Phil Neville really is a fucking horrendous pundit just said on MoTD that Sanchez scored his first goal in 11 games… What? Swear he scored vs Everton a few weeks ago :thinking: