Match Day Info and Tickets

I think it gives you access to the restaurant doesn’t it? And a nicer bar during the halftime

You’ll get a programme on the way in and they will have beers, teas, coffee and water on a first come first serve basis at half time, usually in a central area.

Sweet, cheers you pair of legends :raised_hands:

Skip the last 2 mins of the first half and clean em out of beer mate.

I was checking club yesterday when they kept popping up, thought they offered a drink or two before the game from what I recalled in the past, but it does say only free at HT so make the most of it :smiley:


For anyone looking to really make their money work at club level the same rules apply for the Womens matches :smiley:


Heads up

Bournemouth Ballot opens tomorrow (4th April)

Everton (last home game) Ballot opens Friday 12th April.


Thanks bud, can’t wait for 2 more unsuccessfuls!

Everton game will be such a premium, like Wolves last year.


Me too :rofl::rofl::rofl: Unfortunately it’s a given.

I did manage to win one for the City game earlier in the seaosn and then something came up with work and couldn’t attend :person_facepalming:

I think it’ll be a case of a day on and off the laptop plonked on the ticket exchange.

Finally booked my planes for the Munich trip, going ticketless and gambling so if anyone here hears of a spare ticket by any means, please let me know :pray:


Everton ballot open lads.

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Fingers crossed!!

Same, entered every one this year so far only managed to get tickets for City :sweat_smile:

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I fucking hate the ticket exchange so much. Has a ticket for today’s game in the basket, 11 minutes to pay on the timer, had to confirm payment through card app stuck in a refresh screen, paid and confirmed in the app and then it booted me out.

Fuck this system. Awful.

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They better revamp it next year, it’s completely useless. Unlucky about today :weary:

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Nah, managed to get one. Making the mad 2hr dash to the Emirates now :sweat_smile: