Massimiliano Allegri

God damn :disappointed:

I literally said just the other day that it was only a matter of time.

Just like Everton Soares was learning English cuz he was definitely coming to a PL team.

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Fabrizio is reliable though.

Allegri’s been learning English for about 4 years now lol


That story doesn’t even have a quote or “according to sources” in it.

Let’s be honest here, the only valuable use of being able to communicate in the English language is to manage a premier league team, namely Manchester United.


Do not want this fraud. Got outplayed by fekin spuds at home in the CL ko stage with a stacked team.

On level with Unai, or even worse.

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Allegri record speaks for itself but I do think he’s a tad overrated just my personal opinion, plays a tad negative and uninspiring at times. Don’t get me wrong he’d be a coup for us, don’t rate him with the likes of Pep and Klopp though.

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United is a dream job. All the perks of a massive job but without the expectation. I’m sure if he took over tomorrow they’d be happy if he spent £200m and finished 4th in 2021.

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In that sense it’s probably the perfect job for Allegri because that’s probably precisely what he’ll accomplish. He’s a right about expectations guy instead of a consistently fall below expectations guy like Emery. Upgrade but it still leaves an Arsenal fighting for 4th-6th depending on the state of the other 3 big clubs not named City and Liverpool/not managed by Klopp and Guardiola.

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I wonder how much the pay off would be for Ole. He got a 3 year contract… won’t be cheap :cristo:

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Price of a cheap footballer. Good money on a personal level, splash in the ocean in football terms.

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However much it is, it’s the price of stupidity.
An unbelievable decision that was great for every football supporter that doesn’t support Man U.

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On a personal level I’d be laughing all the way to the bank for sure

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Let’s face it, he is going to need that money because in his next job interview the only question he is going to be asked will be: “How much experience have you in working in a fast food restaurant?” :grinning:

He ousted an under performing Pirlo in central deep midfield for an actual player good in the role and we won the league.

I think allegri would be good for at least one improvement to your team.

As a gift from me to you I will let you have Allegri.

After Unai I want the Arteta type manager. Young, fresh, vibrant and an uknown quantity headcoaching wise.

We arent gettin the Klopps and Guardiolas. Might aswell try to mould(not the fungus mould) our own Guardiola.

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We don’t really deserve allegri with the shit squad we’ve now assembled. I’m just not enjoy giampaolo whatsoever.

It was tongue in cheek more than anything about Emery insisting with Xhaka!

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