Mario Götze


We had enough injuries for each of the past three seasons. We should have been better because we signed Sanchez and Cech compared with the 13/14 seasons. But yet when we have the biggest chance of winning the League, we perform the least as far as results goes. Spilled leads against WBA, Norwich and Liverpool like it’s nothing, most points dropped out of winning positions if I recall correctly, just because of those injuries? Our squad last season also might have been the deepest, it has been. Come on now. It’s a mentality problem.


Yes, a decade long of Stadium financing & austerity; which our myopic fan tend to completely erase when considering everything.


Christ Trion you really do love turning a thread into complete garbage with you having about 3 or 4 different - pointless - arguments with different people. You genuinely must be intolerable in real life if that’s how you get on.


I already said last season has no excuse. Wenger & players fucked up big time.


That’s just not true and shows your gross lack of understanding on the psychology of sports. Plenty of great sportsmen have had moments in their careers where they were ill prepared mentally. If you don’t have confidence from your coach, it will affect your own confidence.

At his age, with his ability… I believe under a different coach and in a different system he can flourish.


I am not the one to bring Wenger into picture while discussing Gotze.

If People like you can’t discuss straight, then that’s not my fault.


Fair enough.

How does that dispute my claim that Gotze is a bottling pussy?

You are literally saying the same thing albeit in more sympathetic manner.


I said “particularly in the Bundesliga” where in his first season (2013/2014 ) he was on fire and bagged 10 goals and 8 assists in 20 starts and 7 sub appearances.

Comparable numbers to his best seasons at Dortmund, if he’d played more he could have possibly had a season similar to that of Hazard’s PFA winning year.

Obviously he wasn’t going to start above the likes of Ribery and Robben at the age of what 21 in the Champions League., but it’s extremely clear that his first season was an unmitigated success.


It was not one excellent season, it was two.
2010-11 and 2011-12, BVB won two league titles and one DFB Pokal, and Gotze was one of their best players and rated as one of the best young players in the world.
Yes, he was quite average at Bayern, but we all know he was injured and low in confidence and morale.

Don’t we all say, “form is temporary and class is permanent”??
If he is shit, we need to sell at least half of our team immediately.


Trion trying to act like an authority on a subject but instead just making a fool of himself, I guess it’s true that the more things change the more they stay the same.


How did i make a fool of myself?
How did anyone prove that Gotze was not average?


Gotta hand it to him if anything he’s consistent.

Currently fighting on multiple fronts in different threads, oh bless your cotton socks @Trion


Because losing confidence as a sportsman does not make you a “bottling pussy”.


No letting your mentality affect your performance on the pitch does.


This shit has happened to Özil, it’s happened to so many sportsmen it’s not even a joke making your point moot.

Give it up.


And Ozil went on to perform everytime for Germany, putting MOM performance against Argentina at WC final.

Your example is flawed.

Seriously though, You saying Low confidence is as good as me saying him being a bottler.


But who scored the winning goal again?

The technique for that finish was insane so if anyone’s logic is flawed it’s yours.

Putting that chance away is the antithesis of being a bottler.


Scoring a tremendous overtime goal (control with the chest and one time it) under exceptional pressure is mentally weak?
How many sitters Higuain missed in the finals then?? He must be a bottling pussy according to your theory then.


Apart from the discussion; Higuain is actually just that.


Good lord, You talk like a novice who only thinks goal matters & nothing else.
There are 120 mins before that.

Fair enough he scored but a “world class” player is judged on more than just 2 seconds.

Is Eder suddenly world class?