Mario Götze


He’s not shit but he’d be a shit signing for me with my vision for what a PL winning squad looks like. He’s soft, he’s small, he’s everything we’ve been failing with for so long. He’s a luxury player that we don’t have the luxury of being able to carry.


Yeh sure he really should that bottling mentality scoring a world cup winning goal and helping BVB oust Bayern in the league.

He’s achieved more than most of our players and people are blinded by his inconsistent time at Bayern - as though it’s unheard of for a player to go to a super club, lose his way, then regain form at a different team that suits his needs better.

The spineless mentality comes from one man and that’s Wenger, the squads may change but while he remains in charge we will always have that soft underbelly and lack of preparedness.


I don’t like the way people talk about Gotze anymore. Working under Pep did him no favours but make no mistake, pre-Pep he was a fantastic talent and has potential to be one of the best German players ever. Plenty of good players haven’t worked as well under Pep because he asks for particular qualities that some players just cannot deliver


Three seasons is no temporary loss of form.
Truth remains that Gotze has been shit & I doubt he will regain the form.

His World cup goal completely covers his poor showing in the same tournament where he was benched for likes for Podolski & Schrulle.
HIs Euros was even worse.

Much like it is possible that "a player to go to a super club, lose his way, then regain form at a different team that suits his needs better. "; It is also possible that Gotze just had a purple patch with Dortmund.

I appreciate the Wenger dig to get back at me but since Wenger had nothing to do with Gotze’s poor performance for Bayern & Germany, It’s fair to say that a player who couldn’t perform in cushioned atmosphere of Bayern & Germany, would have bottled it at Arsenal where onus on players like him would be even more, regardless whether it is Wenger’s fault or not.

We need leaders & someone who gets stuck in. Gotze is a pussy.


What about Germany?


You were the one that said our players are a bunch of spineless bottlers. I just find it funny that you completely negate the fact Wenger is the king spineless bottler at the club.


If we are talking about a player, I would discuss players. Why would i discuss the manager?
You purposely brought it up to clearly have a dig.


I think you’re underestimating the impact managers have on that part of the game. It’s actually one of the things, of maybe the most important thing, Mourinho’s good at and why he has won what he has won.


Are you going to start this moronic argument again?

He wasn’t “poor” at Bayern you jizzed over the likes of Costa and Coeman when in reality neither has performed as well in a single season for Bayen in comparison to Gotze particularly in the Bundesliga.

Honestly you’re sounding lame as fuck right now.


I think most of our players have not reached the high point that Gotze had when he was with BVB.
If he is shit, then most of our players are.
Judge a player’s overall career, not when he is injured and not in form.


Is it really that confusing lol, how can you berate the players for their pussy mentality and praise the one who instills it throughout the club at every level.


He was fucking average for Bayern. Get your head out of Gotze’s arse.
3 season of averageness.


One excellent season and most of the others blighted by injury, loss of form and confidence.

Yeah lets not judge a young player when he’s fit and healthy playing regularly, let’s judge him when he’s had injury plagued seasons and not playing as much.

Fucking genius!


Is it really that hard to discuss Gotze without having a dig at Wenger?

Your argument against Gotze being a pussy player is that ‘Hey, Wenger is shit’.

Quality argument.


I don’t quite understand how you can’t see that he has struggled mentally at Bayern which has affected his form across the board. If a player is damaged mentally, it does not matter what his ability is his form will suffer. Gotze is a prime example.


It’s just a bit ironic that you wouldn’t want a player because of that reason, whilst the man you protect through thick and thin has the same issue.


Because there is no evidence of it.
Wenger has been consistently hampered by injuries & his own transfer inactivity.

Each season, The team with least injuries win the title.
Last season, yes we should have won despite but i can excuse one season; but Gotze is 3 season of averageness.


When was that?
He was so average in his first season, He was benched by Pep against Manchester United & Real Madrid.


We don’t win the title because we don’t have a manager capable of winning the Premier League title anymore. In 20 seasons as Arsenal manager he has 3 titles to his name. Do you have 17 years worth of excuses for that?


A “worldclass” player rises above all that.
Sanchez won Chile Copa America despite being discarded by Barcelona.
Ozil won World cup despite constant criticism, lot more than Gotze ever received.