Mario Götze

Not a rumour for us but didn’t know where else to put it. So it looks like it’s between Spurs and Dortmund. Hope its not Spurs ffs

Sigh for Tottenham means sign for Arsenal

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I don’t like him. He’s overrated. Draxler is far better.


After the Euro, Gotze’s value will drop to the new low, and now is the chance to snap him up.
On the other hand, Draxler is better and of course, far more expensive.

I read this morning he wants to return to Dortmund


Not too bothered where he will end up. Used to rate him a lot higher, but haven’t been impressed now in quite some time. Will be a solid buy for whoever gets him, but that’s about it.

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Also @Calum

He has totally lost it, I don’t know why.
If he is cheap enough, I think he still worth a chance.


According to tomorrow’s Bild issue (tz is the source) he has agreed terms with BVB. Transfer fee still has to be negotiated but should be in the range of €23m (BVB) and €27m (Bayern).

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Hope he can find his form again.
It is a tragedy to see a talent like him losing all the form and confidence at the age of 23.

Good to see BVB replacing the players they lost. Who’s Gundogens replacement ?

they still have Bender, Rode, Weigl, and Sahin??

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They bought Rode from Bayern and still got a couple of options as ronnie says.

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solid signing for them. Will be interesting to see how the fans react and if he’ll have the same impact on their game as he used to.

Will obviously revive his career and bargain at that price, funny though as he’s come back to replace the guy that initially replaced him.

Playing regular football in familiar surroundings will silence the critics.

Can I say massive signing for them? :grin:

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Called it.
It’s was a no brainer for Gotze to join Dortmund.

Exactly the kind of player we don’t need. At least if we’re not signing anyone we can say that we didn’t get anyone that is shit.

He’s not shit though, far from it in fact.


Gotze would instantly improve us tbh.

Gotze would add to same spineless bottling technicians, we have suffered for ages now.
But i guess for the amount he has gone, yeah why not.

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