Manuel Locatelli

This guy is a fucking baller btw. Seriously, if we actually got him on top of who we signed we would be 2nd now.

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Isn’t it a non-starter, dude?

I heard/read that he just didn’t want to come to us in the end and wanted to join a bigger Italian club

Looked average today

I said ages ago to BW when he was trying to argue with me about him - this guy just looked good in the Sassuolo system but he isn’t a game changing midfield signing and there’s a lot about him that’s missing at the highest level.

He’s a mid table midfielder. When you can’t cement a place in the starting lineup of the worst Juventus midfield in 15 years then you’re definitely missing something.


Back 2 years later to say that this guy is even more average than I ever imagined. Just such a nothing midfielder he would have been disastrously average here.