Manuel Almunia

A Manuel Almunia thread?!

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Almunia becoming our no 1 was the first sign that Wenger had lost it.


Yeah it’s like your Nan forgetting your name before the full blown dementia sets in



Not sure about that one, mate.

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:pires2: :partey:

I’ve been more than happy for you to open these threads at a rate of about 1 per day but you might just have crossed my invisible line with this one mate.

There’s every chance you just ruined my whole Bank Holiday by making me think about Manuel fucking Almunia.


To put the icing on the Cake of Shite, YouTube his error away at Birmingham City in the last min of the 09/10 season. Effectively cost us the title

Here’s one of his better moments to cheer you all up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

Followed by (with a nice shot of Manuel at the end :grin:)

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Apart from having an ability to save penalties at a top rate this bloke was bang average.

He had his good moments, but all I think is Champions League Final when his name comes up. And I hate to think about that. Its still too soon.

At the club 3 seasons too long, fair enough giving him a shot in 07-08 but it was so clear he was not it. One of Wenger’s worst judgements.


Probably the worst keeper in the last 20 years.

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Second to Runarson.

Damn I should have said starting keeper.

Real talk I totally forgot about this guy and it was for the best that I did.

We got scammed.

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Fucking shut your legs ya prick!

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If Rami Shaaban hadn’t broken his leg this buffoon would have been gone much sooner.
If ifs didnt exist.

Who was the other keeper we were linked to a lot around 02-04? I want to say his name was Carini.

Shaaban excited me for some reason. Can’t ever remember why, I just remember hoping we’d have a backup as good as Manninger was.

Has a back up goalie ever had such an impact on a title winning season? The only other one I can think comes close is Stuart Taylor. Maybe I just don’t pay much attention to other football :grin: