Manchester United v Arsenal (PL)

Manchester United v Arsenal

:spiral_calendar: Sunday 1 November, 16:30
:trophy: Premier League
:stadium: Old Trafford
:tv: Sky Sports


  • Man Utd win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Lawro has us down to lose 0-2 :pensive:

Edited for @DavidHillier

We should be so lucky!!

Rashford with his pace and movement is going to have Mustafi for dinner!

Nah this can’t be the match day thread! Doesn’t even tell us what channel it is on! And where’s the poll?

@DavidHillier must do better!


Wait, can I amend?

I was kinda nervous creating it. I’m a matchday thread virgin :see_no_evil:


@Calum :santi:

@DavidHillier here’s a template for you:

[Matchday #] (optional)
[Kick-off time]
[Broadcast channel in UK]

[Result poll]

[Your opinion on the match]


I forgot :joy: sometimes other people can do it aswell. I can’t carry you all the time lads


Fucks sake. Terrible OP. Certain defeat incoming as a result.


Isn’t Lawro normally a jinx, though?

Whenever he has us down for a win, we lose, etc.

Surely the opposite must work this time around…

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You mean there have been times he has actually predicted us to win?

Yep, and he’s not predicted a Liverpool loss for about 3 years.

I think he predicted us to win the FA cup final… then again our sheer power in that competition is enough to reverse any jinx.

He was getting our results wrong for fun though in the league, we would literally win any time he thought we wouldn’t.

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Hopefully we put in a performance worthy of Arsenal Football Club.

United’s defence can be got at and we should focus on our attacking game. Spurs went there and tonked these cunts 6-1.

A win is definitely possible provided we start well and play with a bit of courage.

A timid loss and Arteta is going to be in for a hammering (deservedly so).


I think we’ll win. I would vote for an away win in the poll, so that after the match everyone can see how right I was, but alas, I can’t :hipster:


Poll & info added

I’ve brought in and triple captained Fernandes in my FPL this weekend in the hopes that I jinx the cunt and they don’t score any penalties against us.

You can thank me on Sunday evening :cristo:


What a waste of your triple captain.

I trust in big Mike Dean for this one.

Good man Cristo. Taking one for OA

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It’s away to a big 6 team that’s slowly starting to build up some form.

Since the Spurs loss they’ve beaten Newcastle 4-1 and secured wins over PSG and a convincing 5-0 win over Leipzig. Sandwiched in between is a 0-0 draw with Chelsea, a game where Lampard parked the bus.

I can’t see anything other than a convincing Manchester United win.

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With Pogba as man of the match no doubt? :smile:

Yeah @Cristo I would’ve held fire with the triple captain for now.

Wait until Arteta plays Big Pierre in the position God intended and we play Fulham at home. Perfect opportunity for a triple captain