Manchester United v Arsenal, 2nd December, 20.00

It’s on Amazon Prime (so buy something quick to get that month of shit TV for free :grin:)

Yeah, these are some big time Charlie’s from up north. They have more fans down South than in Wythenshaw and the Salford Quays.

Memorable games include a 0-0 in 1994/95 at Highbury and a League Cup defeat in 2004/05 which was Almunia’s first game in goal for Arsenal

Their last manager couldn’t beat us and this is the first game they have Ragnarook in charge.

I don’t know how to do a poll but we’ll probably lose this.

Up the Gunners!


  • Man Utd win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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add a poll so that I can vote for Man United to win

thanks x

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Gonna be a draw.

They are going to get some dodgy penalty or an offside goal, probably both.

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Sorry guys, CR7 to murk Arsenal for old times sake

Book it

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I had never, ever seen that goal until now (given that I turned off the telly when Ji Sung Park scored)

Thank you Persona. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


What sort of fucking heathens don’t own Amazon Prime in this day and age, what do you do pay for postage like a savage? Go to the shop, fuck no.


I don’t fck Amazon Jeff Bezo Wanker Prime !?




Yeah Newcastle were never gonna get the new manager bounce, Man U though :frowning:

Arteta has never lost to a team ending in United as Arsenal manager.

We aren’t losing

Prime video is what that Bay full of Pirates is for.

Fuck Jeff and his website. #eattherich


Worried Worried

I really fucking hate United so I’m extra excited to shit on their new manager parade.

6-0 to the Arsenal


Fucking Thursday night?!

This is exactly the kind of shit being out of the Europa League was supposed to spare us from.

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Completes the playing on every day of the week set for the season I think.


How the fuck do you know that, I’m both impressed and terrified? I feel with this odd little footnote there’s absolutely no way can lose now

Saturday and Sunday a given, we had that week where we played Monday/Friday and we’ve had some carabao shite midweek.


That’s a crazy pick up, also surprised that we’ve done it so early in a season we only play once of twice a week.

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