Manchester United thread

Well, it’s hard for you to now be critical because you’ve said he’s one of the very best central midfielders in world football despite never consistently performing in a way that backs that statement up in the past three years.

For the rest of us, not so hard :pires1:


I spotted the smiley change Jakey :ozil:

His agent should have the words “Paul Pogba wants to leave Man U” tattooed on the inside of his eyelids, just in case one day he forgets to let anyone know.


Us mods can view people’s edits, so he will too.

Just realised, why use Özil when I’ve got Bobby?

World class players have world class attitudes. Pogba doesn’t. So. . .


Couldn’t you say the same about Hazard and co at Chelsea when they were downing tools?

No, I don’t think so.

I’ve never really bought this “if the team turns on the manager it’s unprofessional”.

If your boss or manager isn’t doing their job properly or well in your workplace, you and your colleagues would report them and ensure that action was taken. Simple as.



No denying his talent but I personally expect a bit of leadership from someone in Pogba’s position, both literally and figuratively.

The fact that he is like this in a time where United need to get as much from their players with genuine quality as possible is telling.

I always say in football, its important to kick the ball as hard as possible and Pogba can kick the ball really fucking hard sometimes, but you also need to be able to kick the ball softly and I’m not sure he can control when to do either of these.





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Oh thank fuck. I thought that was gonna be it!


My only worry is: generally whenever the news comes out with the board backing the manager immediately following an embarrassing loss, the manager gets sacked within a month or so. Hope it isn’t the case and Ole remains at the wheels for years to come.


He’ll be sacked within a season because he just ain’t it, supposedly Molde couldn’t rip up his contract fast enough when United made the approach to hire him.

Only reason he’s still in the job is because Woodward will look like the buffoon that he is if he has to sack yet another manager, as enjoyable as it is it won’t last for too long because they are going nowhere under the likes of OGS, he looks so far out of his depth and has no answers.

He looks like one of those supply teachers that no one respects.

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This is man united at their lowest, and whilst they are here they are seeing who to bin and discovering new youngsters who can stamp their place and be future stars. As soon as they get a new manager and the board backs him I feel they will be challenging very shortly afterwards.

A cb to partner Maguire, a midfielder that has stamina but also creative, and a solid all rounded striker who can bring others into play would make their first 11 really strong

They have a young team that can only improve.

Wish we were in a position to laugh at them Haha.

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60m for Martial has turned out to be a total farce.
There is a quality player in there but he will not be world class

Agreed, it’s all about the desire in the player, players like him are becoming quite the norm, extremely talented but believe they’ve made it at a young age, ruins their hunger.

The modern game requires alot of intensity also, if you struggle to put that into your game it’s going to show, Martial doesnt like moving much off the ball.

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They can sack as many managers as they want nothing will change with recruitment because woodwood hasn’t got a clue he’s just their version of ivan gazidis

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I honestly don’t think they have that much talent to build upon. Pogba will leave. Rashford is very talented but I don’t see him as a ever becoming a top ten player in the world and his back injury is very concerning from a long term perspective. Martial is talented but limited. Maguire is decent but nothing special. Greenwood who knows. Wan Bissaka is good defensively but a liability going forward. James is a speed merchant. Everybody else is a squad player.

They have similar results to us this season but they’ve actually played hard every match under one manager the players back (rightly or wrongly) whereas we spent half the year with the players waiting for Emery to be sacked. Their money will always give them an advantage but I would definitely not swap our squad for theirs.