Manchester City*

Red cartel lol

The same red cartel that have won 2 leagues in 11 years

In the last 2 decades:

Blue oil cartel ft pizza cunts: 14
Red cartel: 6 (and that’s mostly united pre-2010)

‘They’ll never let you compete at the highest level’

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Add Stones and Silva in the list of washed players we should hope City keep next season.

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Oh yes, now we are talking

Not sure why this would good news. Sounds like City are trying to wrap the PL in legal red tape.

Oh I thought it was other way around :joy:

Sky Blue Cartel doesn’t have the same ring to it.

…fucking pussy team.

Wouldn’t this just be part of discovery? Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal either way.

EVERY email mentioning City though? Shouldn’t they just keep it to pertinent emails?

I’m not a legal expert by any means so I may very well be wrong here but is it possible this is a strategy from City to claim the PL has some unwarranted bias against them? Or to further delay proceedings?

This will all be used to severely discredit the EPLs legal standing as it pertains to the 115 charges. Most will probably get thrown out.

If these cunts come out unscathed I’m done with the sport.

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Grain of salt is that I don’t practice in the UK but if I were engaged in civil litigation here I could serve the other side with a subpoena for any mention of me (pretend I’m City).

Then the other side could have their attorney move to quash (or “squash” as some of the old timers say) the subpoena because it’s overly broad. This is like when the attorneys on “Law and Order” go “Judge! This is a fishing expedition!”


It’s pretty unlikely they’ll be able to use a single thing against the pl from this haul. Unless it is a massive conspiracy against city. Which it isn’t.

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