Manchester City

Once in a blue moon, this thread might get used :wenger:

Billionaire scum.

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They are a very aged team right now. Pep needs a massive overhaul to make his style of play work.

Why a massive overhaul? He’s signed Nolito, meaning he probably sees a use for him. Aguero, Toure, Silva, Gundogan, Nasri, De Bruyne all capable of playing some kind of Guardiola system. Sagna still pretty reliable IMO but maybe a top LB should be a priority.

Still nearly 2 months in the window, I have a feeling they’ll have all they need by 1st September and we’ll be miserable about it.

Nolito has been producing good numbers for years and I’m sure he’ll be somewhat useful. But he’s soon to be 30 and that’s no long term investment.

Gündogan is a truly great player and worth gambling on despite the injuries. But that still leaves them in a position of having to sign at least one midfielder to start now when he’s not available. And even then, I’d say that they should maybe sign two, as they still could use a new holding midfielder.

Two ball playing central defenders, two fullbacks, two central midfielder and a good dribbler who can play out wide, is what I think they should sign. Their transfer policy in recent years, has been questionable to say the least.

Still think they will win the league though. I’m sure Guardiola will do some interesting things, even if City’s current squad is not what he’s used to working with.


Very good signing

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Wow yeah, I rate him highly… Ffs City

Wow they really are spending some serious cash.

This would be the first big transfer of their window though. Wouldn’t be the last one for that matter.

I’d say Gundogan is quite a big signing too.

As far as his name goes yes, but 20 million for him? That’s not serious cash today.

13.8m for Nolito
20m for Gundogan.

Then there’s serious talk of 40m for Sane and 53m for Stones. Thats a potential 126.8m.

Stones is a good player, and still young, but more than 50m for him is madness.
He could be another very expensive mistake Man City have paid Everton a lot of money for, like Rodwell.

50m not only madness, it’s a joke. I’d rather go scout in Seria A and get a proper defender with defensive DNA in his system. There are quite a few defenders in Europe who are good as him or even better for half of this amount. Prices in the premier league are crazy! Remember David Luiz for 50m :smiley: , when the petrol money unite.

Very underwhelming side for City in their first pre-season game. But I guess because of the Euros and all that people get rest. They did just bring Toure on. Can’t imagine them not buying a CB before the end of the transfer window.

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Bayern scored in a typical City fuck up.

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Lucky goal by Bayern. City have been the better team in this second half, but they have lacked some killer instinct. Bony is still shit.

Is Kolarov not there any longer?


Just signed Sane.

Really good signing, one I wished Arsenal could have signed.