Manchester City Vs Arsenal (PL)

  • Manchester City win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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This game is going to overlap with mi Atleti knocking the bin dippers out of Europe

We’re getting a draw at the Etihad

Gonna be a bloodbath

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Nah it’s not going to be that bad. City aren’t all that. I think it’ll be closer than our home game v them. They’re not fussed about the league any more.

Liverpool can win the league at the Etihad, can’t they?

If, however, Man City drop points against us, the smelly Scousers can do it earlier.

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Have you seen us recently??

They won’t need to put in any effort for it to be a bloodbath hahaha


We thought the same going to Stamford Bridge and we got a decent result after being down to 10!

I think we’ll up our game a bit and they’ll not be fussed too much. Can even see it being a bore draw.

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Chelsea have been really inconsistent this season with a new and inexperienced manager though.

Man City have a much better and more experienced team and manager.

But yeah, I hope you guys are right! I’m not convinced unfortunately.


City will beat us, it might be close, but they’ll beat us. We are no match for them, even if they play in first gear.


6-0 Arsenal. Artetas boys breakout performance.


I can’t remember the last time we didn’t get humped by them.


Well what do you call a humping? This fixture was 3-1 last season, there was a 2-0 before that I think. They don’t always hammer us.

Boy that sounds encouraging. :smile:

I really hope we can at least make it a somewhat even / interesting battle.



I suppose getting beat by 2-3 goals every game isn’t too bad.

Improvement compared to our games against Liverpool :blush:

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Walking away from the Emirates yesterday I predicted our game in hand would be a loss by 3 goals at City.

If Arteta can get us up though I think we may throw a surprise though and it’s possible we’ll get something out of the game. City are relatively weak at the back this season and with Lacazette starting to find the goal again we may just surprise ourselves and walk away with a point or three.

They do thoroughly outplay us from start to finish though haha


Definitely prioritising watching Atletico and Liverpool over this.

If we play twice as good as we did yesterday, it’ll still be ugly and I’ll go to sleep severely pee’d off.

They don’t hammer us though. They only beat us 3-1, which is a pretty good showing from us.

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You laugh but we’ve given a pretty consistent account of ourselves against City, ever since throwing them out of the FA Cup I can’t see a single result where we can be unhappy with what we got out with, after all we have indeed managed to score twice against them in 6 games and have let only 17 goals in.



That’s the spirit!