Manchester City thread

Remarkable that 4 of their 6 titles in the last 11 years have been decided on the final day.

How many EPL titles will they win before the finally break the duck in the CL ?

6 league titles in 10 years and 4 of the last 5 under Pep. That is some serious dominance.

United’s record is still some way away but they have a couple of years with Haaland coming up and Pep seemingly not going anywhere for a couple more years either. It won’t be long before they are getting close to that record.

Don’t worry Aussie you’ll be like that guy in 65 years when u turn 100 and u get to witness ur 4th Arsenal championship in 2087 :+1::+1:

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Maybe I’m just too much of a wiener when it comes to safety and stuff like that but is anyone else a little uncomfortable as how many pitch invasions there have been lately?

City, Milan’s away match, Everton earlier in the week, there were a shit ton in the lower divisions right? That one player got punched!

I’m not sure how they stop it beyond docking points. Maybe it happened all the time and I just wasn’t paying attention but it feels like it’s happening more now for some reason. I blame COVID.

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Yes, the fact that we’ve reached a point where there’s no policing it says it all.
Said it before, but points deduction will truly teach the fans not to be fucking idiots.

Yeah, it has to be points deductions. There’s no other way to fix it imo. I guess you could start handing out bans to fans who rush the pitch too?

I do understand though. I went to college, you rush the court or the field after a big win. I get it. And I think your average college football fan is way more drunk than some of the folks at PL matches.


Don’t forget the social media influences either. Selfie posting on the pitch.
Bit of self video recording all extra incentive.


Should deduct 25 points off City :poldi:


No offence to kompany but that’s an ugly as fuck baby


:joy: :joy:

My first thoughts too but then I thought maybe the kid has some medical condition that causes an abnormally large head. But if not, that’s not the most likeable face for sure.

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Jack sounds hammered


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I feel totally devoid of emotion towards this team. They spend hundreds of millions, buy the best players, have no personality and win everything.

They’ll win the CL at some point, probably more than once.

But I just find it so…beige.


naaaa it’s not the money, they all just have the best managers :blush:


They don’t necessarily buy the best players but rather some of the ones they do buy become the worlds best when coached by Pep, there’s multiple players who weren’t top players before arriving at City but are now.

The whole personality thing is a bit odd, which team has such a personality in the league?

I’ll take beige over the whatever the hell colour we’ve got going on here.

It would appear even their supporters agree with your opinion of them.
They still can’t sell out all their matches despite having the best players, the best manager, world class transfer windows and winning trophies every season.

You describe them beige but I’m not sure they’re as colourful as that.

And we’ll see how long that lasts.

When they inevitably dominate for 20 years and more it’ll be very different.

And isn’t that we hoped it would be for us post Higbury? Spending tons, buying the worlds best and winning everything? A lot of this seems like sour grapes

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