Man Utd vs Arsenal (PL) 0-1

Man Utd vs Arsenal

:stadium: Old Trafford
:calendar: Sunday 2024-05-12T15:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: Sky Sports Main Event


  • Man Utd win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Very worried about this game. You just know these cunts are going to turn up for us after playing like pig farmers for the whole season leading up to it.


I hope we humiliate them.


That’s my feeling too. They’ll want to prove they can be in par with rejuvenated Arsenal.

Bruno theatrics incoming.

Let’s smoke these fools


We could win 8-0 and ETH would still moan about the refereeing decisions at the Emirates.


Man Utd will turn up, but we need to batter them. We still owe them for the 8-2 drubbing.

This is our best team in 20 years and their worst team in about 30; so let’s put them to the sword please.


Difficult to see us getting the 3 points here as think nerves will really be ramped up and United are always capable of scoring a jammy goal or a random counter


Imagine the pressure if Man City fail to beat Fulham the day before.

We’re better at chasing than leading for the title.


As I see it, City have two chances to fuck it up, away at Fulham then away at Spurs, two inconveniently spaced trips to London at the end of the season, anything can happen. We’d all favour a win for Fulham obviously.

Things are certainly better for us now Man Utd are out of the race for top 4 and Everton are safe.

A nervy 4-2.

They give up so many opportunities. If we execute and finish even moderately well in the box we will win.

Easy win, 1-3.

We should smoke these twatbags.

My only concern is if City do somehow drop points at Fulham on Saturday do we then stumble. Hopefully not though, Utd are utter dross and we have more than enough about us to get a result.


I don’t care how we win. But a ricochet off slabhead or Antony’s chin into their goal would do


Not even worried for this one. Ten Hag is playing some terrorist football these days. Their squad is abysmal too. Casemiro looks 51 years old.

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dammit clicked on the wrong one, i feel we will win and ETH will be going nuts over it.

I reckon Bournemouth will have been a more difficult game.

Many reasons to win, to fight for the league title to the bitter end, for all the years of SAF and ref bullshit, but also for the potentially hilarious EtH interviews afterwards :vinai:

Love the use of twat bag, one of my favourite go to’s :rofl:

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Feeling confident against these scumbags, we will do a number on them. :sunglasses: