Man Utd v Arsenal (PL)

Man Utd - Arsenal

Sunday 16;30
Premier League

Lol. Fuck this game

  • Man Utd win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win
  • As if I’m fucking watching this

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3-0 United

This is the option I want to vote for but there’s no ring next to it. How do I click it?

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@Bl1nk hope you don’t mind me taking a few liberties there :smile:


Haha go ahead mate

One last time for Big Weng to kill Jose off in his Arsenal career.

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If any player starting here doesn’t have a double barrelled surname I’ll be raging.
Eat the humping.

Focus on the miracle of wanda


Hahaha yeah I won’t be watching this.

God what a shit show this week could turn out to be.

Capitulating last minute in Wenger’s last ever home game, Mourinho smashing Wenger with United of all teams and then crashing out of a European cup yet again all in the span of 7 days.

Doesnt matter at all. Everyone needs resting. Sanchez will get 2 and celebrate, but who cares really. 3 0 united.



Don’t care that much atm. Let’s see on sunday.

100-2 :xhaka:

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Reserve side at Old Trafford. This should be fun.

You’d like to think Wenger would want to field a strong side against his biggest rivals during his tenure, on his last visit there for the club. But realistically our game of the season is next Thursday so can’t see him risking it.

Think he’ll be happy to give our second side a run out despite a likely defeat.

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0-0. It’s Jose and his bus. :giroud3:

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I’m gonna watch as I pay for Sky so that would be really stupid if I don’t watch lol. But really don’t give a fuck about the score. Alexis to score against us.


This has all the trappings of an end of season yawner. Zero fucks given about it.

Wouldn’t mind the first away point of 2018 :smile:


scenes if the kids win. it’s quite liberating to have no expectation of anything but a hammering.

no pressure lol

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I don’t see it. Ashley Young isn’t as good as he used to be.

I’ll go 6-2.


I actually think the time we lost to them when they fielded 4 defenders in midfield was worse than the 8-2!