Man Utd - Arsenal (Premier League)


This a million fucking times.

If I’m honest I’d have predicted between 0 and 2 points


Now we are 5th


At least Chelski lost :rofl:


Man of the Match? It’s a tough call, but try anyway :point_right: Man of the Match Thread


What the fuck was our entire defence doing for Lingaard’s goal. Kolasinac that complete twat, just fuck off and never come back


Suppose my disappointment comes from we worked hard to get our 2 goals just to give him 2 goals back so easily, bitter taste.


Given the injuries, and last Sunday’s game, I think the result is acceptable. The players were clearly tired.


Why the fuck didn’t the moron just boot it???

Why don’t our players just boot it???



Yup. United also played their highest intensity game at Old Trafford and the weather conditions were total shit. So I was glad to see that we sacked up and matched their intensity - something that definitely wouldn’t have happened under Wenger.

Chelsea losing is also a nice bonus.


Angry and dejected about Arsenal after that. Can’t deal with conceding goals like that especially the secons.




By the way, can we accuse United of being game raising cunts? That’s the most intensity I seen out of them in a long time, of course it has to be against us.


Mourinho’s masterplan to galvanise his squad


Two big errors cost us. This team has once again showed character and fighting spirit, we are no longer getting bullied on the pitch. Guendouzis 2nd half performance was something else and to think hes just 19! Proud of the team!


Fucking annoying as hell to not beat these sacks of shit but the big picture of taking 4 points from these two games will look okay in the long run I feel.


The same was said of Wolves, their last point in the PL coming from the draw with us. But now they’ve beaten Chelsea.


There was a bit of this going on earlier in the season but it seems they need to be told it every single game!


Great to see him come back tomorrow being targeted all match, guy is made of strong stuff.

Fair play to sokratis too, warrior. Held his own and made sure United got as good as they gave in those challenges


United a mid table game raising cunt club sorry massively disappointed we could have stuffed them in the end. Not to mention how poorly we conceded


insane game, so much to say, so much adrenalin. Laca and Auba are amazing, Torreira and Gonzo as well. I keep on feeling our wide players let us down though, Iwobi needs a rest and Micky doesn’t really get in the game again, I feel the most for Kolasinac whom I feel had a great game for once all up until the unlucky misunderstanding that led to the goal, still glad to see a positive performance otherwise from him, worried about the injuries, feel for Rob who’s been on a great trajectory lately.