Man Utd - Arsenal (Premier League)


Quit to start screen. Reload. Fine no one


Crash Dump


Ballbag result but expected.

The irony of glory glory man united playing in the background.


FFFFS I WANTED THE WIN. A reluctant point.

That Mkhitaryan winner would have been the moment of moments haha


Two players injured before half time. It’s disappointing but I’ll take it.


Remember, Moyes beat us.

Unbeaten run intact. I’m happy enough.

Whip Kola though


Leggy after the derby + 2 injuries before HT. I’ll take the point. Even tough the conceded goals were SOFT.


We shot ourselves in both feet


This should have been at least 3-2 Laca’s goal :goal_net: should have stood !? Fckn hate Mourinho - smarmy prick !?


Discobot was certain we’d win though :bellerin:

What a fucking weird game. Terrible goals from both teams, and then two disallowed at the end for ourselves. At least the unbeaten run continues, but I can’t decide if this is a good point, or a chance missed for more?


We were better. Two big ass chances missed a meter from the goal.


:crystal_ball: Outlook good




Well, thats why we still need signings. Strange saying that in the face of getting a point at OT but the quality left a lot to be desired


Well, you’d have taken 4 points from 6 from United and Spurs.


Jammy cunts. We should Have won 2-4


Rage quit


Fuck that defense, absolute shambles.


Should of been 6pts


Guys looked gassed but those goals we conceded were soft as baby shit man. We were better and couldn’t take advantage. Now we’re down two guys with Christmas fixtures yet to come