Man Utd - Arsenal (Premier League)


The defence has. Fuck Kola fuck Leno fine them 2 weeks wages

Tbf a draw is decent, keeps Mou in the job and is better than most our results at OT.


I legit hate each one of our defenders


Leno feels fine unfair
Kolasinac feels fine unfair


They could say we were for the taking. Fuck it, take the draw.

In previous years playing this badly would have meant a hiding for us.

Reluctantly, this’ll do. 20 games unbeaten, we go again


Fine them two weeks more for talking back


Actually upset at the result - feels like a loss !!


I still remember 8-2… I’m ok with this.


This is why I uninstalled the stupid PC version of the game.

I thought we’d lose so I’ll take this. Remember, we’re shit too.

At least the defence is.
Wenger only ever managed a draw at OT like twice when it was a dead rubber and they’d already won the league and were too drunk to beat us.




fucking Maureen can’t win at home, is already a defeat for him


Genuinely don’t feel I can work with you after this


I don’t @Discobot did that actually happen ?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Take the point and back to London. Ammirite @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


The more you talk the more I fine you


Squad unhappy after treatment of Leno
Squad unhappy after treatment of Kolasinac


fucking Felleni… fuck you


@Discobot answer my question bruv ?


How Mourinho walks the streets and actually does not get punched is beyond me :joy: