Man Utd - Arsenal (Premier League)


When will we ever get a better chance of winning there :weary:

This hurts


Glad this shithouse fixture is done for another year.


:xhaka2: Simpler times.


Next season with new players in and the team more gelled and used to Unai’s tactics. All in all we took a point and we are all feeling disappointed we didn’t win at OT. When was the last time that happened!?


The 2nd goal we conceded I just can’t accept, you’d think of the 1st goal sucker punch they’d be more switched on after regaining the lead. Nope not at all. Brainless.


That wasn’t game raising, they’re the home side and they offered next to no threat. They were basically crap and there for the taking and we fucked it up.


They played with much more intensity than in many games before this one. Their fan base was all over them for being lazy pricks. Today they definitely gave a fuck. Probably cuz it’s Arsenal and Mourinho especially has a special hate for us lol


it doesnt help that they team was tired couldnt rotate we had a player missing from being suspended maureens shitcunts injured a lot of our players with 2 having to come off and screwing unais subs up



Mourinho is such a cunt saying we came for a point, fuck off pal.


Feel like everything transpired against us picking up three points today.

  • A few days after a massive NLD
  • Xhaka suspension
  • Two subs we had to use for injuries in the first half which kills momentum
  • An offside goal given against
  • Missed massive chances
  • An individual defensive mistake

I think if just one of those is in our favour we take the three points. Clearly the better team and we didnt even play as well as we have.


Fellaini is an even bigger cunt. He was just disgusting, that could have been red IMHO, for hair pulling.
And to think there were rumors that we were going to sign him.

Mourinho, you kind of get used to his antics.


Some valid points in this thread. We certainly had some moments go against us, and a point after the NDL is not the end of the world. It’s just that the second goal we conceded was fucking criminal. Not just because of the minimal defending but also being so quick after we scored.


I know he gets shit, but we really did miss Xhaka today. Credit to Gunedozzi for a fine match though, but Xhaka’s passing was missed today.


I love when managers say that, cause even if it’s wrong, they are essentially admitting that the other managers plan worked and it irritates them.


Fellaini hair pulling prick should have had a red


If there’s one thing to take away from tonight… Match Day threads are lit, MDC is shit. Pleasure spending the evening with you chaps



So we are blaming Leno on that 2nd goal? Thought that was all Kola. He had a bad game.


Its all kola. Other than that he had a banger of a game though. His timing of the forward runs is imense and wasnt it for auba and miki misses we would have won that.