Man City vs Arsenal (FA Cup) 1-0

That doesn’t say Smith Rowe is out.

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Only one absent. Don’t you think it’s strange he would miss a cup match?
Name spotted from the report:

Did he just not make the squad? Oretty damning if he can’t make the bench ahead of Marquinhos…

Do you believe everything you read on twitter?

There could be multiple reasons he wasn’t on the coach.

You’ve said he’s out and now questioning if he hasn’t made the squad. Maybe let’s just see what actually emerges?

Didn’t know The Mirror is Twitter.

TheArsenalGuns is though

And The Mirror is what? Twitter too?

Anyway, didn’t say he was injured. I said out. Could be wrong and he arrived separately. Doubtful but you never know. I think Saliba was a similar case in a previous match.

Wouldn’t surprise me if @GC-Maniac is right here.

The drama over potentially no Saka or Xhaka vs United was always likely a waste of time though.

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That was training tbf. Not seen in training pictures is different. I mentioned that jokingly as well, not sure why it was taken seriously, lol.

Anyway, this one is from an actual report saying ESR wasn’t spotted coming out of the team bus.

Him being out could be related to an injury, fitness, or simply not making the squad. We’ve had cases this season where someone arrived later.
We’ll see as @shamrockgooner says.

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Hate that I have to ask this but might as well.

Do you prefer getting knocked out of the FA Cup so we can focus on the the PL and EL?
  • Yes
  • No

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@GC-Maniac why do you do this to yourself?

I genuinely wonder if anyone worries about progressing here because it essentially keeps us in 3 competitions and City in just 2. They’re immediately getting an advantage there.

I dont see how it stops us focusing on the League.


Potentially adds a couple more games in our schedule, doesn’t it. In fact, I think it has to mean that we at least make it into the semis. Can’t knock out the best team in the country at their own ground and then get knocked a round or two later by someone worse. :sweat_smile:


It does but Liverpool ran City all the way to game 38 by going for all four. Dont think if they went out the cup that would of actually got them the extra couple of points they needed.

I honestly believe going out tomorrow and in the EL rd 16 would be the best thing for our title challenge.

In saying that, I can’t actively hope Arsenal lose.


Dunno, I feel in Liverpool’s case, they were visibly leggy in the end. Think they were poor in all finals last season, same for that game against Spurs they dropped points. From Liverpool fans I talked to, some of then do think the fatigue from last season got to some of their players this season.

I just don’t feel we have the squad currently to compete in all fronts. Might have 24 players on the books but only 15-16 can perform at the expected level.

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Well yeah they were drained and are mentally fucked this season. Still though no guarantee they take the title and have some compensation in winning the trophy.
Also we would be nearer to win this one more than the Europa. The squad size is a valid argument but again wounding City here could be Psychological.


I’d obviously go out on the assumption it helps us in the PL, who wouldn’t?

Whether it will help us is another matter. City can probably accommodate extra games with their squad so it’d be more about our lads resting. I think momentum is more important right now tbh, city are starting to roll.

Best case scenario is we lose 3-2 in a good entertaining game with a rotated side.

Absolutely fuck having to deal with Europa league and rearranged PL games coming every 3 days for 3 months.

But we don’t have a squad so let’s not pretend we do.