Man City vs Arsenal (FA Cup) 1-0

Man City vs Arsenal

:stadium: Etihad Stadium
:spiral_calendar: Friday 2023-01-27T20:00:00Z
:soccer: FA Cup


  • Man City win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Will we play our strongest XI or a rotated side? Share your predictions below :point_down:t2:

I will be honest I wouldn’t be upset if we went out the cup


I honestly have mixed feelings about this match.

Win and we’re still playing for three trophies and really should be favorites in this cup. Lose and I think it really helps our title challenge. City will have more matches than us and psychologically might just decide to put their real energies toward winning their two competitions.

Go for the treble


The Aldi treble cuz of the Europa League

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I think rotate. Would suck to go out but at the same time id much rather the focus on winning the league

Would be annoyed if we beat them in this and lose to them in the league



Arsenal to win all 3 and Eddie to beat Haaland to the golden boot

I don’t think we’ll see a lot of rotation. I can’t see Arteta putting out a team that he doesn’t think has a chance. Also, there’s a weeks gap either side of the game. I think we might see Trossard and ESR on the flanks rather than Saka and Martinelli, Tierney might play perhaps and obviously Turner in goal but I wouldn’t expect a full second string.


I do agree. Despite the meme we don’t want to be embarrassed.

I’m also fully expecting Pep to big brain this match instead of the league game.

Really don’t want a draw.


Replays are prehistoric.

Why the fuck did they bring them back again

Tv and money.Those things never date.


Would rather just loose than getting a replay. Just win the el and prem, fuck this audi cup.

Couldnae give a flying fack about this game


Please rest the Bois.

I have a feeling they won’t though

At least rest Partey, Gabriel

We wont rest anyone. It’s 8 days before we have to play Everton, and Arteta and the lads will want this test.

I hate saying this but as long as it’s not a catastrophe blow psychologically I think going out of the cup is probably best for our title challenge…

Man City 2-1 Arsenal.

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As others said, we definitely won’t go full rotation here.
It genuinely wouldn’t surprise if the only changes were Trossard and Tomiyasu for Martinelli and White respectively.

From what he’s said about it over the last few years I think Mikel respects the FA Cup far too much to throw it away like he did the League Cup.

I guess the fear is, putting the first team(or close to it) out and losing to City’s reserves. Could be a bit of mental blow for the team.