Man City v Arsenal (Premier League)

Wednesday 2023-04-26T19:00:00Z

No excuses, must win this now.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Man City win

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Lol don’t think I even wanna watch this match


We’re gonna win.

Man City are exhausted.

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6-0 to City

I made a mistake of not drinking tonight. I won’t be making that mistake on Wednesday. Will probably need to start around midday to get through this one.

I’m not voting in the poll because I can’t bear to put what I really think.

Fuck it. We draw shit games

We will this one

Let’s go

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Even if we somehow win we won’t win the league

Yep. It’s all set up. We always take three games to wake up.

We just love making it difficult for ourselves.

They wanted clarity, they have it now.

Draw isn’t an option at the Etihad anymore. They now have to beat the best team in the world at their ground to win the league.

I’m already pouring my first for the weekend. Just after 5pm here.

Rumbullion! The poison picked.

Picked an Arsenal win since Pep planted the seed of his team reaching burnout which will have a negative impact on their performance from here on.

Getting the lube and the gimp mask ready we are getting fucked


We gotta believe, but we’re just not playing like a team that’s going to get anything out of this.

City will win this sadly.

I think they will drop points somewhere, but I think the damage has been done in terms of our title push and we will end up a close 2nd when it’s all said and done.

Even if we somehow won this game (and we won’t), we could literally lose to anyone at the moment.

I don’t think this team knows the meaning of belief anymore man

Is there anyway that Halland doesn’t give Gabriel and Holding a wedgie in this game?

I’m assuming that Pep will keep the scoreline down for his old pal, but that’s about it.

Will need a miracle.

We would have loved a draw and a win. We’ve just got to do it the hard way :joy::joy:

We have to win up there now :sweat_smile: even a draw leaves us relying on them dropping further points

If you can’t absorb pressure, how do we get through this.


Don’t see anything other than our usual spanking

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