Man City v Arsenal (PL)

Man City v Arsenal
Premier League
Saturday, August 28, 2021
Etihad Stadium

Kick Off: 12:30

  • City win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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The last time Arsenal didn’t lose to City in the PL was back in 2017.

We still have WBA first? haha

We can’t allow another defeat. Respectball tactics all the way, grab a point at the very least.

We have another game first

If you suckers wanna start talking about how badly we’re gonna get battered at the Emptyhad then by all means have at it :grin:


Forest v Derby is on at the same time.

Think I’ll watch that instead…


The other half has given me a pass on going ring shopping on Saturday with her and her mum.

Almost can’t believe I’m saying it, but I might not take her up on the offer


Don’t blame you, fella.

It’s the last bank holiday weekend of the year. Make the most of it without Arsenal dragging you down as soon as it starts.



Watching Arsenal may damage your health in the long run


Sack him before the City game not after International break, when the damage is already done?

Why cant this club be proactive for once?

We can all see whats about to happen but you still want to be reactive?

Just sack Arteta after the city game and give the new boss time to get settled. Won’t be watching this or any Arsenal games until the worst manager In the division is gone Booked; tickets for Free guy at the Cinema instead


As usual, Arsenal is wait, wait, and wait.

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Have they cancelled Christmas and Boxing Day Dave?


They have for Arsenal :wink:


Looks like I’ll be having a mid day nap on Saturday probably dream of times when we could actually musta a shot on goal

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Horrendous odds smh

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My team for Saturday

Obviously rather see Gabriel over Holding, don’t think he’s fit enough though, not wise throwing him in vs City away without any practice.

Cedric at right-back, though could be Chambers too. They’re equally shit. That position needs strengthening but we all know that.


Assumed Ramsdale would be first choice goalie, is there much to choose between him and Leno.

I think Ramsdale will eventually take over, but it’s too early to do it now IMO. Would be a bold move by Arteta.