Man City v Arsenal (PL)


I was gonna make one after the weekend which was another travesty of officiating. Can you honestly recall any decisions that have gone our way this year? You’d be the one to ask considering the constant negativity. Only one I can recall is a Mustafi tackle on, Fabregas?? Away to chelsea? Wasn’t called even though it could have been, still woulda been controversial imo.


Yeah that one and maybe our penalty for the 2nd goal against WBA you could say was debatable from memory, all in all though we are well behind in terms of getting the rub of the green. Also the one where Ozil controlled the ball with his hand in the lead up to Ramsey’s goal to make it 3-3 vs the Foxes.


The Sterling comments just show how much Wenger has lost it, clear penalty and poor defending.

Deflecting from his shitty decisions in terms of team selection, yeah let’s marginalise our new #9 in favour of those that can’t wait to fuck off and surprise, surprise played poorly.

He couldn’t do a better job at sabotaging our chances, which top team is benching their best striker in big games? Wenger is an utter fraud and isn’t as dignified as some would think.


The best thing about Wenger’s penalty complaints is that he said, “The referees don’t work enough. The level drops every season.”

They’re not the only people whose level drops every season, Arsene.


The best thing about City away

No guesses on the two arsenal players that run to the dressing room at full time. :eyes:


Probably pretty similar because for all of the ones that you don’t get there’s a nahdful that you do get.


It’s extraordinary people’s interpretation of the game.

City pressed us well, we pressed them well; even the commentators on my stream were saying city hasn’t had a game like this all season; we weren’t easy on them we pressed them high up the field and was successful at it and so were they. The match was a quality match which was let down by poor officiating. Yes city had chances in the first half and so did we, although ours was let down by poor decision making when it counted. By the way despite all the hate coquelin played very well and did what he had to do besides one incident, the only person I had a problem with was Sánchez, passing not good enough gave the ball away way to much.

I am tired of reading how shit we were and how great city was, when it wasn’t even like that the game was pretty even even with poor refereeing.

The crap is coming OA members that want the manager gone, objectivity isn’t reflected at all on this thread; it started we wil be lucky not lose by 7 goals minimum, we will be destroyed, city is to good for us; to what actually happened was completely the opposite, we matched city, unlucky to lose the match.




Even if they were tired from the Champions League, they are still miles above us. That’s the problem.


Hahaha, remember thinking the exact same damn thing when watching that live! Twats.


Thats a fucking joke


How so shoulder to shoulder isn’t a foul and Sterling did dive/simulate a moment after the contact not during. Monreal did pretty well actually, he recovered a good few yards over Sterling who Kolasinac played onside - actually thinking back that was a pretty close call, was Sterling onside there?

Still I’d take the decisions we got in the FA Cup against them over Sunday’s decisions.


That wasn’t shoulder to shoulder. Montreal launched into Sterling. He didn’t only use his hand but also hit him in the pelvic area which is actually what caused the fall.


If that was the other way round and a Man City player had done that to Sanchez, Wenger would want a penalty.
The fact that he had a go at Sterling wasn’t very classy and showed a lack of respect which is something I wouldn’t expect from him.
It also shows how desperate he is to never admit we just aren’t good enough.


It was as shoulder to shoulder as could be, Sterling actually runs across Monreal too, then dives literally jumping with both feet if you watch it and then Sterling’s dive also pulls Monreal down with his arm locking into Monreal’s, which is a foul in itself on the defender.


The people who wanted Ozil and Lacazette starting should watch this a few times and then bare in mind we pressed them off the ball for the first 20 minutes or so.


I guess when you don’t want to see, you won’t.


Watch it again Sterling literally jumps with both feet, whether you think he is impeded or not is another matter. I’m a fan from the 80s, I’d prefer if the ‘right to go down’ never was seen okay as it isn’t for any fan of my age


Welbeck was brought down exactly like that against Watford. If it’s such a pen why weren’t we awarded the pen in that match?


That would be because Waltcott is a shit footballer.