Man City v Arsenal (PL)


Iwobi played good.


He had a good game or not, starting Laca, Sanchez and Ozil should be a must.
Anyway, Iwobi had a “good game”???


Yes, imho, much much better than Ozil.


To be exact, Ozil had a bad game, Iwobi was just so and so, not up to the standard “good”


And Ozil had a better game than Sanchez.


What annoys me about City is that people moan about their money but we could have tried to buy basically every player in their attack today and tried to sign their coach.

12 points behind after 11 games. Fuck me.


Despite the fact that it was the softest pen and the third goal which killed us was offside, we were lucky not to be 2 or 3 down at the half.

Wenger has lost the plot for good now, he’s totally confused in his mind. Coquelin as a CB against the best side by a mile in the league??? It’s fucking diabolical!

I would’ve left Ozil out totally today and started with Laca up top. I actually agreed with Iwobi playing because he’s good on the ball and is much more disciplined defensively than Ozil or Alexis, his performance at Chelsea showed that. But fuck me once again Wenger has dreamt up a pile of shit with this lineup.

I just can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel with this team, Alexis and Ozil are off not that I’ll even miss the latter, and after that Lacazette will basically be the only hope we have of winning matches. Well, that is if he ever gets a full 90 minutes.

I didn’t expect anything today but once again Wenger makes it effectively impossible for us to get something out of the match the moment he decides the starting XI. Fucking hell.


Just why the fuck can we not ever be ready for the start of games like these. Sick of it and the game was lost in half an hour. Fuck the hard luck stories. Just a variation on the same losing scenario.


Writing has been on the wall, the frequency of disappointments just have increased and more and more numbness sets in… it makes me more angry at AW that he has gotten me to the point where I hardly care. F*ing shambles.


What is all the more shocking is before his last contract was signed everyone was like ‘this is surely his last year…SURELY because the players are not playing for him anymore and he looks washed up etc etc.’ Then he signs another fucking contract and he has this season and the next and already everyone has the same attitude ‘this has surely got to be his last contract as it is only going to get worse.’

Problem is that listening to him at the AGM it sounds like this is not going to be his last contract and he could sign another one and knowing the fucking stupid board they will grant it again, and i have a terrible fucking feeling that this genuinely could be happening. The only way the guy goes is when he fucking dies it seems at this rate.


That’s the worst part isn’t it, the feeling of resignation. The same failures have occurred in the same fashion for so long that it becomes like watching paint dry and there are no surprises.

Surely the fact that SPURS are overtaking us now would be a sign that we need to make a change fast, but no we just decide to extend the decline another two seasons. It’s fucking unbelievable.


I simply can’t believe that a global football club is run in such a way that the manager is the one who decides his own future. This is absolutely insane. There is no other club in the universe where this is the case, and for good reason.

He has basically used his amazing first 8 years to hijack the club and make it his own fucking project. He’s a dictator who would rename the club Arsene FC if he could. And I don’t like to speak about him this way, but how can I not at this point? Being respectful to him now almost seems irresponsible, because it would be deluded.


The way we give the ball away under any kind of pressing is the most frustrating part about watching these big games for me. We’re clearly capable of carving City open when we get our passing and decision-making right but it’s so few and far between. I really think Ozil and Alexis were found wanting in this game too. They should have been at their best but one was weak and slow to act while the other flopped every opening or set-piece delivery he had. Referee and linesman flopped but we still deserved to lose that game.


Yep even poor teams (City are obviously not) who can press well, bully us, and counter give us fits… so many times Xhaka or Le Coq or one of our defenders got pressed and we panicked… if it wasn’t for some shambolic play in the offensive third, City would have had 3 in the first half… yes, we were unlucky with the off-side goal, but we put ourselves in those positions so often.

Worst thing of all was the reaction to the offside NOT being called… we kept our hands up, barely moved or reacted, and let the play develop for an easy goal. Players like Xhaka make me want to quit watching our team.


2 dodgy decisions and a ridiculous starting line up cost us this

Yes City should of been out of sight in the first half but they wasnt and somehow we were still in the game. The penalty was soft. We have all seen them given and not given. This one went against us

The offside is just a shit decision. How the linesman thinks thats onside is beyond me

Why did we start Coquelin? We’ve played Elneny at CB in pre season and in the League Cup and Europa League yet when we need a CB we start Coquelin! Its just bizarre

Why not start Lacazette? We spend £50mill on a striker and then we leave him out of the big away games! Again,bizarre


Only watched a little bit of the game but was really surprised to see Wenger going so hard in on the refs, Sterling, etc. with the sour grapes. The Sterling incident is a penalty for me, surprisingly naive defending from Monreal there. The offsides decision I’ve just seen, and yes, he’s offsides, but it’s not as nearly as flagrant as I expected from the comments I read on here and from Wenger, Silva is just offsides and I’m not sure why we’ve stopped. Until the prem implements the long-needed VAR I’d almost rather officials miss decisions like that instead of whistling wrongly on decisions like one with Ramsey and Santi against Liverpool a couple years back.

Wenger going so hard in on the refs really just reeks of a man who is out of answers and doesn’t even have much imagination left to explain his failures to himself. I was expecting the “look, when you spend this much and you have this much talent and you play away from home and you are facing one of the best managers, etc. etc.–this can happen” angle, but the sour grapes is kinda disappointing from a man who there’s really only one positive thing you can still say about him (‘he’s classy’)…


You’d expect someone like Mourinho to make the Sterling comment, not Wenger.


“Butthurt” that Sterling didn’t want to come on Aug 31? :mustafi:


It’s probably the straw that broke the camels back for wenger and the officiating. We had the exact same type of play against Watford and the pen wasn’t given, couple times against stoke too. Everything Wenger has said has been correct.


We aren’t much good but it would be interesting if we had the decisions for us / go against us thread at the moment… I wonder what it’s looking like so far this campaign ?