Man City v Arsenal (PL)


It’s amazing how you don’t consider them a club to destroy. They have ruined football with their money.


He gave the ball away a lot? Lol nah uh. He had a good pass to shit fuck Ramsey who couldn’t control it because of his rapist first touch. Other than that he actually had some good passes switching play. Don’t have a clue what ur on about.


Lol you never it was Luca fuck knows what happened there! :joy:


what is VAR?

I have been saying for a long time now sanchez is screwing us over along with ozil i am damn sure they can play better they are choosing to fuck us i feel the amount of misplaced passes in dangerous areas seems too much of a constant thing to be a coincidence and it is undermining the team. Even that simple pass from a corner was woefully underplayed to allow a counter from a really dangerous position i swear it is done on purpose they should just go.


We are winning more european cups than us this season. You heard it first :wink:


Video assisted referee


If we play like this week on week out we would beat a lot of teams.


^Pretty much what I assumed. Excluding the silky Laca finish :heart_eyes:

Man City are just too good systematically for us. Everywhere over the pitch they nigh on match or dwarf us for player talent.

Thought Le Coq was an odd choice at first glimpse but having him in there as extra stability was nice in hindsight. He made a superb interception from behind (oh yeah) to thwart a counter. It’s just the other side of his game that seems to severely lack, or more so, a better player alongside him.

Love Iwobi however I think his lack of severe goal threat was a hinderance today. Lacazette offers himself as a mobile outlet upfront; can link up, is capable enough to create for other players and scores goals. Wenger’s insistence on trying to entice goals from Iwobi, on such a big pedestal, is a gamble he likes to take. Bellerin against BvB a couple/few years ago rings in my mind. This was maybe the one position that irked me overall.

Linesman can fuck right off.


The key now is to recognize that Coq had his one good game in ten and it’s not a reason to keep playing him it’s a reason to not play him.



Burnley doing fantastic this season. On the same points as Liverpool and Us


GD usually is a relatively good indicator on how good a side is, we really are drifting towards being a middle of the road side.


It’s such a shame that we go into these games fully expecting the L. That’s where we’re at now - just accepting these bad results and being happy because we didn’t get smashed FFS. I miss being excited about these matches. I miss actually winning them sometimes!

I want The Arsenal back.


Oh thanks. I thought it was Vaginas And Referee.


We are only 4 points out of second which is pretty amazing. Have to get a result against Chelsea now. Lose that and stick a fork in us. After 12 games we might be behind burnley.


Lets look on the bright side, in the final 27 games we only have to endure 2 away games against top 5 opposition.


And one of them’s at Wembley


Man City is a level above everyone, seems like a race for 2nd, we can win that mini league


They didn’t even play that well today, maybe they were affected from the tough Wednesday night game in Naples. I think a better side than us may well have got some change out of the Etihad today.


Today we lost because Oliver & his friends have been a disgrace, but is even because Wenger & players have committed mistakes.

  • The team selection. AW talked about a team ready to attack because was the only way to escape but chose an ultra defensive 5-3-1-1.

  • Bad defending. Too easy close the one-two and shoot for KDB, too easy to cut inside the area and control the ball for Sterling.

  • The first ball possession. Coquelin as CB (and a poor Xhaka) killed the intentions to start the build up possession with Cech.

  • Alexis isolated. When Sànchez tried to find space and put pressure on City defenders, no one was inside the area. Suicide plan.

  • Granit Xhaka. The :switzerland: plays one good game, two bad games, another good game. He’s inconsistent. I’m missing Mikel Arteta so much.

  • Lacazette on the bench. Crazy choice to keep out the future of the club. This decision made me crazy as Alexis out at Anfield.


It is a criminal to put Laca on the bench and start Iwobi.