Man City v Arsenal (PL)


Le Boss has been making noise about Elneny and Deboochie being CBs. :wenger2:


MDC Open.




Sorry folks. Just back from walking the pooch :slight_smile:


I got my prediction right. 3-1 to City.

Didn’t play that bad, just too naive again. The referee screwed us though.


Man City were good at times, but far from sensational. We could have taken something from this game on another day. Shame it wasn’t today.


Normally critical on the team but today we did get dudded with the decisions on the 2nd & 3rd goals. Still doesn’t hide the fact we aren’t good enough and we are 12 points off the pace in early November :grimacing:


Cracking result. Get in :grinning:


City fans so over the moon on their forum. Typical rich cocky cunts who needs to be taught a lesson.


Boring game. :sleeping:


Why the heck would you subject yourself to more heartbreak by going to rival forum post loss?


Just to see how stupid they are. Inbred cunts.


Go luca go luca!! Register and give em a good tongue lashing. I’ll be headed over to blue moon with u, this should be good :popcorn:


Basically this:

In particular, it irks me when other teams get away with offside decisions after we had a goal disallowed that time due to the tip of Lacazette’s toe being offside.


Ppl are stupid Coq was a key in actually keeping the match close. Didn’t put a foot wrong.


Serie A, knowing to be a corrupted league, has the VAR, while the Premier League not. This is so odd.


Lol ok Tony Soprano


Today was one of his better days to be fair. But he still gave the ball away a lot, he just isn’t good enough. Generally, he makes our team worse.


Gosh when did i say that?