Man City v Arsenal (PL)


Someone would be unbearable :thinking:



I’ve bet on 6-1. Only 75/1 :rofl: if anyone fancies us to win 6-1 it’s 500/1


They don’t call me Cristo the Cunt for nothing


Lacazette benched ffs


Wenger clearly playing on counter.


Gary neville is a twat.

Shit footballer, shit pundit.

I dont know if hes said anything bad about the Arsenal this week, but just thought I’d mow in with my two cents.


3 man midfield… interesting…

Glad Kola is fit to play though.


Posted already Luca. Keep up :wink:


Laca benched? Not a surprising move tbh


Sorry :xhaka:


Usual Wenger move to drop a newbie for big games ffs


Man City team, if anyone is interested. Sterling goal, nailed one


Please be 433


It is


Coq the shitcunt waster in the starting 11 :eyes:


Interesting. I like it.

4-3-3 going forward and 4-5-1 in defence??


I haven’t been watching Arsenal regularly lately so what I’m interested in, where the fuck are all the center backs?


Yeah I’m wondering that. Mustafi and Chambers are injured.

I guess holding is too inexperienced? And Monreal has been playing LCB for us for 3 seasons anyway. Per isn’t playing because they’re worried about the pace of the City team I guess.


Not bad 4 at the back and a 3 man midfield. At least we’ve changed it up. I have a feeling Xhaka will have a better game with some protection.