Man City v Arsenal (PL)


We’ll lose but we’ll put up a good fight I think. 3 - 2 or something like that.



Where is Theo?


In the bin.



So…3-1 to City.


Probably the most difficult month of our season and the most difficult time to play City. Arsenal owe us a victory! 3-2 to us?


He should be playing because we are simply better with him (Theo), but with having invested so much in Laca you have to keep playing him until the fans realize he’s just not that good, if you are Wenger and want to keep the know nothing loudest moron fans happy.


You said it


Yes like the idiots who boo mostly youth players in a match that we qualified to the knockout stages of a European competition. Didnt think Arsenal fans could go any lower, but they continue to amaze me with the depths they achieve.


Hey, I agree with you. I made this comment in the match thread. Boo if you want. But that isn’t the time to do it.


So here we go. Just don’t lose badly.



A bit optimistic, I’m going with 7-0 City


Can you imagine what it will be like on here if Theo comes on and scores the winning goal :rofl:


Yeah everyone will call him shit, and tell him to fuck off.


Theo won’t even come on lol. He’s hardly played in the PL this season


The part of my post that you are disputing is that Theo won’t come on. I like the optimism, lol


For reasons only @Cristo will understand, put everything you own on a city win.

For the record her ass is an 11/10


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