Man City v Arsenal (PL)


I’ll put a tenner on BTTS and City win. I back us to score one on the break or some such but lose. In fact I can’t see any other result than a City win. For some reason I feel like Sterling will definitely score as well.

Bite your hand off for a draw right now as it could be one of those days where we get gubbed by 4 or 5…

Play Coquelin and Elneny, frustrate the fuck out of them and break on the bastards.


Wearing our awesome black top again! :sunglasses:


I think we will lose 3-0 or 3-1, city will swarm us in midfield and we still struggle to get out of our own half for long periods, Hopefully it isn’t worse than 3 though.


Easy 3-2 win.


So 5-2 to us :wink:


There won’t be any surprises for City. They’re facing a team that wants to keep possession and control the game, but has inferior players overall. Early goal and then it’s over. City to win 4-1.


I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for Man City so I think it will be a close, low scoring game.
There’s no real pressure on us so if we stop them scoring early we could get a draw maybe 1-1.
If they score early we could lose by a lot more.


:open_mouth: where has Mr Pessimistic gone?


He’s not pessimistic, generally he’s realistic, that prediction is optimistic.


To be fair I did say I thought we would beat Chelsea, although it was only a draw and I also said Watford would be a difficult game and they would get something out of it, which they did.

Most other games, apart from Liverpool I said we would win, even it wasn’t a great performance, and I’ve been right.

As @Aussiegooner says, what’s the point of saying we’re going to win games and challenge for the big trophies when it’s obvious we aren’t?
I was called a pessimist last season when I said spurs would finish above us, we would not be in the CL and our transfer window would be inadequate, as well as Ozil and Sanchez wouldn’t sign new contracts and we would struggle this season.
So I’m more realistic than pessimistic and until something happens to change my mind, I’ll carry on.

I just happen to think that against Man City it’s not going to be as easy for them as they think.
But I also still think we will have to start winning games against top half PL teams to have a chance of getting a CL place, and considering we haven’t yet, we really should do something about it.


I fear a massive 6 or 7 nil loss. No joke.


Wenger is gonna attack so yeah this gonna be a hammering. Actually fearing the Xhaka Ramsey midfield partnership tomorrow :tired_face: :tired_face:

And Iwobi at LWB :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

we’re fucked


We just lost our toughest player in the most difficult away game thus far this season. #Bleek


I almost put a City player as captain in FF.

Kolasinac being out is massive. Been one of the standouts this season. Could move Monreal back over but I don’t fancy Holding as CB. Any chance Wenger would go back to 442?


Haven’t you got any spurs players?
They’re going to score a few against Crystal Palace.


Yeah I put Kane as captain in the end. At the start of the week I had Salah though, 2 goals :grimacing: I don’t want Spurs to win, but if Palace can win 4-3 with a Kane hat-trick, that’d be great :+1:


Me too.
If you can’t beat them join them, or at least get you easy points on FL Football :smiley:


Ha exactly. At the start of the season I was like “no way am I having a Spurs player” and then I was like “fuck it” and I swapped Lukaku for him.


I feel like we will perform tomorrow but they will simply be too much. Jesus, Aguero, KDB, Sane, etc. - they just have too much quality… I think it will be edgy 2-1 affair. We will do ok but they will overturn us in the end unfortunately.


Might as well prep the lube for this match it ease the pain