Man City v Arsenal (PL)


The shit right there is one of the reasons I rate Welbeck so much especially in the big games, he’s always bombing about and doesn’t allow anyone time on the ball, I love it.


There ya go @arsenescoatmaker proof this place is full of trolls, no actual football conversation going on in here :roll_eyes:


I’m certainly a better troll than you even if I ain’t one.


Better troll?? Lel ewwwwww.


Dat Wengenpressing tho :giroud2:


It’s underapreciated, but Fergie dropped Rooney for Welbz against Real for this reason. Welbz would also be more prolific if he focused his energies on goal scoring and being less of a team player.


Being prolific is a skill. I doubt Welbeck would suddenly become an excellent finisher if he started conserving energy.

He is just not a striker.


Trion talking sense! Bookmarking this one. It’s amazing what arsenescoatmaker will do to people.


Not sure this line is fair considering that about two years ago you two were on the same side of nearly every debate :sweat_smile:


Trion and I never really agreed on anything. We were both pro-wenger but had very different ways of articulating our pro-wengerism.


AC just doesn’t want to be seen liking my post without pulling me down a bit.


“Religion is bullshit”


More like I don’t like being pulled down by association :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:

It’s true though, I remember how little we liked our posts between each other despite being pillars of pro-wengerism on the old forum. I was more of a Mr Arsenal guy, or itstape, or maradroga, or patrice before he went mad and we started hating eachother, lol.


You used to be quite fond of pulling each other off


If only the old forum existed :frowning:


Scoring is about getting in the right positions and getting enough chances. Welbeck is good enough to score 1 in 5 chances, which is where Suarez typically was too. But Suarez averaged 5.5 shots a game, Welbeck averages about 2. If Welbeck focused completely on finding space and getting behind the defenders shoulder he’d score more than when he continually tracks back and defends and ends up nowhere near goal.


If Welbeck had it in him to score more then he wouldn’t have been utilised as a willing runner for his whole career by successive managers. Wenger and Ferguson wouldn’t waste a top striker by getting them to do donkey work someone less talented could do.

I just don’t think Welbeck has it in him, but that’s just my two cents