Luton Town

They’ve done well to get into the PL but to stay in it will be difficult.

I’ve seen Luton a few times but the most memorable game was when they beat us in the League Cup final at Wembley.

Of the opposition teams I’ve seen at Highbury, their away support was one of the lowest along with Charlton and Wimbledon and even at Wembley they probably only brought around 10k.

Apart from having a go at breaking Derby’s lowest PL points record, it’s unlikely they’ll achieve much else.

Decent watch.


Ah, we’re doing that thing where we pretend football started in 1992 lol.

I know it wasn’t “the Premier League”, but let’s have some respect shown to Wimbledon and their feat regardless, please.


Robbie Lyle and DT must be happy that their team has made it to the big time

Went to see them in 2018 when they played Accrington Stanley when they played in League Two. Feels like I contributed.


Used to go there now and again when they were in the First Division and Billy Bingham played for them.

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What’s the plan there? Guessing replacing them with seating? Seems a lot of work needed between now and August

What’s so iconic about them?

Well yeah, they have to make the stadium fit Premier League guidelines. Should have started work ages ago. Even if they didn’t get promoted this season, if that’s their ambition going forward they should have prepared for that eventuality.

Just the way they looked. They had a stand that was just executive boxes

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Yeah I know what they looked like, I always thought they made the stadium look like those crap old mobile classrooms schools use. I don’t see what’s “iconic” about them.

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Guess it defines the ground and visual you associated with them.

So if you know what they look like, why are you asking? They’re the only stadium that had executive boxes like that. Seems you’re just being awkward and petty over the use of the word iconic. Means something to Luton fans, let them have it.


Wonder how many seats they can even fit in that stand! Couple of thousand at most, if they’re lucky?

They’re hoping to get it to 17,500, which is an increase of about 7,000

Sounds like they’ll rebuild the whole stand if they’re hoping to get that much in. Lot of work in two months.

Yeah think I read they’ve requested to play away at start of season.

I can remember when they were the only club that didn’t allow away supporters at their ground and they had an astro turf pitch .

Never liked them much, especially after seeing them beat us at Wembley in the League Cup and also their very poor away support.

Not sure why they’re making their ground ready for the PL, because as soon as the work is done they’ll be back in the Championship.


They have to if they want to play in the Premier League, even if it is only for one season. They have to comply with the Premier League’s broadcasting requirements and get the required facilities.


Can’t they stadium share?

At least all those AFTV boys will be happy their team are in the Premiership.


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