Luis Campos

Who was it that said we should just get Monaco’s guy. This is him!! He’s now at Lille

During his time at the Stade Louis II, he was credited with signing the likes of James Rodriguez, Bernardo Silva, Djibril Sidibe, Benjamin Mendy and Tiemoue Bakayoko.

Some decent names on that list. Even Bakayoko was alright when he played for Monaco. Not Campos’ fault if he turned to shit at Chelsea.

Also found this quote from him which sums us right up :smile:

“I think most English clubs don’t know how to recruit for an issue that I almost think is cultural as almost everyone makes the same mistake. English clubs really like top attacking players, yet to a large extent make them play alongside medium-quality defences"

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Tutto Mercato Web is not a reliable source though.

Me in the Monchi thread. But yeh that source lel it almost seems like they browse this board and used it as a source for their article :joy::joy:


Treb spot on again! Wake up OA and listen to this man

Mislintat, Monchi and now Campos. We’re certainly chasing a certain profile


Yeah Treb is legit.


Damn straight I was all over that fish in the microwave thing and now this Campos thing too I’m :fire::fire::fire::fire: atm :grin::grin:


Yeah I was about to say lol, when @BigWeng_4LYFE is serious, I actually learn a lot from his posts. I had no idea who this Campos guy was lol.

Hope we can get him then.

Need to create a A4TT brigade tbh


Kurt was probably one of those guys who messed around at school, skipped his homework, always told off by the teachers and then would get top marks in exams, completely dumbfounding everyone as to where this intelligence has been hiding all this time :poldi:


Before you guys lavish him in praise you’d do well to remember if he ran the club Wenger would still be manager and Theo Walcott would be a fixture of the team lol


No one said geniuses were perfect now :wenger2:


He’s not coming.



Title edited to stop me being triggered by it taking up three lines on mobile. :sunglasses:

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I did just have his name originally but didn’t want people to think he was some trendy South American winger we were being linked to :joy::joy:


Lol Mysty wtf you couldn’t be more right. True story here. I was flunking Algebra in high school but on the final I had the 2nd highest score in the class only behind some asian math wiz (total stereotype I’m sorry but it’s true) finished with a B from an F :joy::joy:


Well I am Mystic after all :wenger2: :crystal_ball:

Plus having gotten to know you over the years, it’s not a surprise there’s some form of intelligence underneath all that trolling :stuck_out_tongue: Reminds me of other people I’ve known over the years who would pull out grades when it matters the most.

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