Lucas Pérez


He must be really shit during training or something


I’m sure he will write a book one day, called the Curious Case of Lucas Perez, where he will tell the story how once he moved to London and slowly became invisible.


Is he alive?


Forget invincibles, he’s part of the invisibles together with Park.


hes ok hes injured so should fit right in… @UCH


Its a joke how he hasnt played more. Total mismanagement. From what I remember of him, he’s looked very sharp and productive on the pitch. Surely a better option than Welbeck.


What I find slightly annoying is we deny decent enough clubs like Everton the chance to have these players only to waste them so everyone loses out.


Which happens to be the same argument I’ve heard some Arsenal fans use to attack a club like Chelsea, re: some of their past purchases like Remy, Batshuayi, de Bruyne etc


Really would like to see Lucas get a run upfront in this formation but I bet Wenger doesn’t give him a chance :roll_eyes:


Wenger’s most expensive striker signing at 17m and considering how many PL games he has started, probably the biggest waste of money.

Wenger is renowned for being careful in the transfer market, so what went wrong?


Such an odd situation I just don’t get it.


It’s hard to get into a team where Sanchez and Ozil are automatic starters all the time but you have to think Wenger’s seen something he doesn’t like in training.


Where is he? Is he dead?


What has that got to do with it?

Perez should be competing with Giroud and Welbeck.

He can play on the wing, but that doesn’t me he has to play on the wing.


StatDNA signing?


Rumblings he wasnt a ‘wenger signing’ at all.


Yeah and it’s been clear since day one, Wenger doesn’t fancy him and never has.

Whenever be plays he makes something happen but he’ll never consistently get in over the likes of the chosen ones like Walcott.

He should leave tbh, if we win the FA cup you could say his signing was likely justified on a personal level as he got some silverware and he can go back to playing consistently somewhere else.


Sure Xhaka was meant be forced on Wenger too ffs. Obviously have to take these rumours with a pinch of salt but if it seems every player Wenger actually wants are the ones he almost signed doing the business for some other team.


But who is in charge of StatDNA, to the point of having authority over our manager?

I thought the narrative is that Wenger rules Arsenal with an iron fist. Who is going over his head to spend £17m on Lucas Perez, if Wenger never wanted him?


Fucking bullshit player management by Wenger.